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Newest 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine Work on Android via Bluetooth

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23.0KG ( 50.71LB )
50cm*50cm*43cm ( Inch: 19.69*19.69*16.93 )
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Product Description

  1. 2M2 Magic Tank is an automatic car key cutting machine, which can be used via Bluetooth on Android system.
  2. Support sided/track/dimple keys/tibbe keys/motobike keys/some household keys.
  3. Two Years Warranty & Lifetime Free Update.
Newest 2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine Work on Android via Bluetooth
Highlights of 2M2 Magic Tank:

1. Fully Automatic, Easy to Use.

●You don't need to learn it. Just open the APP and do it. (Search"Magic Tank" in Google Play to download the APP)
●Special models do not need to change the fixture, just follow the APP prompt.
●For new users do not know the key, directly follow the picture selection.

2. Powerful Standard Clamp
Able to fix laser key, standard (flat) key, HU162T, TOY2 and other especial key types. 

3. Cutting for Ford Mondeo (FO21) and Jaguar (TEB1) Round Key, only need to clip the key blank once, fully automatic completion, global patent technology.
(Need to Buy FO21 Fixture Extra)

4. Design and Performance
●Powerful motor can reach 12,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), cutting speed is the fastest in the same competition.
●Double shaft design, avoid frequent replacement of milling cutter and needle.
●Manufactured by Germany-made DMG CNC machine.
●American imported 4-Axis Precision Ball Screw with clearance function, ensures high precision cutting.

5. Support sided/track/dimple keys/tibbe keys/motobike keys/household keys.

6. All Key Lost & Find Bitting
When you lose all the keys, you can search key code via 2M2 Tank key cutting machine APP. Or find bitting if you don't know the lack of code of ignition lock.

7. Two Years Warranty & Lifetime Free Update
Free technical support, online service to provide remote control 24 hours service online.

8. With Buit-in Database, Current Version: V688 (Keep updating online for free)

9. Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian

10. If you need to work outside, please buy 2M2 Magic Tank Battery Extra.
Cutting 10 keys at least after fully charged.
Or you can choose 2M2 Magic Tank with Built-in Battery directly.

11. Latest Updated Function: 
1 super key blank can generate 99% key models. generate flat key types,standard key types,laser key types,inner groove, outer groove,2 tracks,4 tracks,and many special types.This function is only owned by Magic Tank.
Click to buy Three Types of Super Key Blade 
2M2 Magic Tank
How to use 2M2 Tank Key Cutting Machine for the First Time?

1. Please download App (Search"MagicTank" in Google Play or Scan the QR Code in Pic below)
2. Install Probe and Cutter, make the Calibration: https://youtu.be/V3NC0QjXbBI
3. All the above steps OK.  Now it is time to cut keys, it is easy to use machine.
You have to calibrate clamp when:
1) Use the machine for the first time
2) After change the milling cutter and pin (such as HU162T)
3) After change fixtures (Ford FO21)

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine

2M2 Magic Tank Latest Update Information (Sep 2020):

All Key Lost & Find Bitting

When you lose all the keys, you can search key code via 2M2 Tank key cutting machine APP. Or find bitting if you don’t know the lack of code of ignition lock.

2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
Online 24 Hours Technical Service
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine

We can also call 2M2 Tank key blade maker. Only if you have a piece of copper, you can make key types or key models.

2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
This function can generate flat key types,standard key types, laser key types, inner groove, outer groove, 2 tracks, 4 tracks and many special types. Most of our common key types.
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
How to operate? Where to choose? How to clamp key? Very easy to use, 2M2 Magic Tank APP key cutting machine will guide step by step. 
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
In September 2020, one more time update for creating keys by camera, only use a piece of copper to make a complete key from a piece of copper to a perfect key.
2M2 Magic Tank Automatic Car Key Cutting Machine
How many vehicle key types can be cut by 2M2 Magic Tank?

Vehicle Database:





Detailed Vehicle List:

Alfa Romeo (GT15, GT16, GT5, GT6,GT8,SIP16,SIP22,YM31)
AUDI (HU162T,HU32,HU49,HU66,HU75,NE19,VO9,WT4,WT7)
BMW (BW7,BW8,HU100R,HU50,HU58,HU8,HU92,PJ2)
CITROEN ( GT10,GT5,GT6,HU83,KI17,NE73,SIP22,SX9,VA2)
FIAT ( F010,GT10,GT15,GT16,GT5,GT6,HU83,LF10,MAZ24,NE19,SIP16,SIP22,SX9,VA2,VO9)
FORD-EU ( FO16,FO18,FO21,FO27,FO31,FO6,H86,HU101,HU66,MAZ1,NE38,NE64)
HOLDEN (FO38,FO40,GM45,HU100T12,MIT2,SZ12,TOY26,TOY27,TOY29,TOY34,YM27,YM28)
IVECO ( GT10,GT6,GT8,LF10,NE19,RT2,VO9)
LANCIA ( GT10,GT15,GT18,GT6,GT8,SIP16,SIP22,SX9)
LAND ROVER ( HU101,HU92,LF10,NE38,NE64,NE75)
MAN ( HU32,HU83)
MINI ( HU92)
OPEL ( GM15,GM19,HU100,HU43,HU46,HU87,NE73,YM27,YM28)
PEUGEOT ( GT10,GT16,GT5,HU83,MIT11,NE26,NE72,NE73,NE74,NE78,PJ2,SIP22,SX9,VA2)
PORSCHE ( HU49,HU66,HU75,NE19,PW1,VO6,VO9,ZD14)
RENAULT ( KT17,NE72,NE73,VA2,VA6,VAC102)
ROVER ( HU92,KI17,NE38,NE64,NE77)
SAAB ( B99,GM40,NSN14,NSN15,WT47,YM22,YM30)
SEAT ( HU49,HU66 )
SKODA ( HU49,HU66,SK22 )
VAUXHALL (GM15,GM19,HU100,HU43,HU46,HU87,NE73,YM27,YM28 )
VOLKSWAGEN ( HU162T,HU32,HU49,HU64,HU66,HU75,HU8,KT17,NE19,PW1,TOY38,VO6,VO9,WT7,YM15 )
VOLVO (F010,HU38,HU52,HU56,HU57,NE26,NE27,NE51,NE66)

Japan & Korea
ACURA  (HY18, HU18R, HON37, HON40, HON58, HON60, HON66, HY22, HYN1, HYN10, HYN11,HYN12, HYN14, HYN15, HYN2,
HYN6, HYN7, HYN8, HYN9, KIA7,NE19, NE77, TOY40)

DAIHATSU (CY17, DH4R, FO32, FO32R, FO34, HY22, HYN10, HYN11, HYN14, HYN15, HYN7, KIA1, KIA2, KIA3, KIA4, KIA7,
MAZ20, MAZ21, TOY24, TOY27, TOY40, K5)

HONDA (GM15, HON37, HON58, HON60, HON65, HON66, HY16, HYN10, NE71, NE77, SSY1, SSY2, SSY3, VO9)

HYUNDAI (HY18, HY18R, HON37,HON40,HON58,HON60,HON66,HY22, HYN1,HYN10,HYN11, HYN12,HYN14,


KIA (CY17, DH4R, FO32, FO32R, FO34, HY22, HYN11, HYN14, HYN15, HYN7, KIA1, KIA2, KIA3, KIA4, KIA7,
MAZ20, MAZ21, TOY27, TOY40, K5)


MAZDA (FO10, FO14, FO16, FO21, FO31, MAZ11, MAZ12, MAZ14, MAZ15, MAZ16, MAZ17, MAZ19, MAZ22, MAZ23, MAZ24, MA7, New MAZDA)

MITSUBISHI (CY17, CY18, CY19, CY20,CY24, HU56, HYN11, HYN2,HYN6, MIT11, MIT14, MIT8, MIT9, RT1, TOY40)

NISSAN (DAT9, MAZ12, NE26, NE38, NI02, NSN10,NSN11, NSN12, NSN14, NSN15, NSN16 )

SSANGYON (GM15, HON37, HON58, HON60, HON65, HON66, HY16, HYN10, NE19, NE38, NE71, NE77,SSY1, SSAY2, SSAY3, VO9)

SUBARU (DAT11, DAT17, DAT9, HU46, HU87, MIT11,NSN14, NSN19, SZ12, TOY43)

SUZUKI (HU87, SZ10, SZ11, SZ12, TOY43)

TOYOTA (DH4, GM39, HU43, TOY2, TOY24, TOY25, TOY26, TOY26, TOY27, TOY29, TOY3, TOY30, TOY34, TOY36, TOY38, 
TOY40, TOY41, TOY42, TOY43, TOY45, TOY46, TOY47, TOY48, VA2, New Corolla )

BUICK (HU100, B100, B111, B97, B99, DW04, GM1, GM29, GM39, GM40, GM41, GM5, GM6, HU100, HU43, HU46, HU60, MIT2, TOY27)

CADILLAC (GM1, GM19, GM3, GM37, GM39, GM4, GM40, GM41,GM5, GM6, GM7, GM8, HU100, HU46)

CHEVROLET (DWO4, DWO5, GM1, GM18, GM19, GM27, GM29, GM31, GM39, GM40, GM5,GM6, HU43, 
HU60, MIT2, TOY26, TOY27, TOY29, TOY34, YM22, HU100)

CHRYSLER (CY15, CY16, CY17, CY18, CY19, CY20, CY22, CY23, CY24, HU64, MIT11, MIT12, MIT8, Y160, Y162)

DODGE (CY15, CY16, CY17, CY19, CY22, HU64, HU72, HYN10, HYN11, MIT11, SIP22, Y160, Y162 )

FORD-USA (FO10, FO14, FO16, FO18, FO21, FO26, FO27, FO31, FO32R, FO37, FO38, FO39, FO40, FO6, FO8, 
GM8, H86, HU101, HU8, KIA1, MAZ1, MIT8, NE38, NE64, YM28)

HUMMER (FO18, FO6, GM39, GM40, GM41)


MERCURY (FO14, FO18, FO26, FO27, FO38, FO40)

APRILIA ( ZD14, ZD16, ZD30 )
DUCATI ( FAR2, GT6, KW14, ZD10, ZD14 )
HARLEYDA ( AF5B, HON23, HY11, HY7, ISP2, NH2 )
HINO ( GM30, HI1, TOY29 )
KAWASAKI ( KW10, KW12, KW14,KW9 )
SUZUKI-C ( SZ10, TOY26, TOY29, TOY43, YH29, ZD10, ZD16 )
YAMAHA ( YH22, YH35 )
2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Display:

2M2 Magic Tank

2M2 Magic Tank Parameters:

Working Temperature:    0~50℃
Humidity:                        10~90%
Adaptor input:                AC 110~220V 50/60Hz
Adaptor output:             DC 24V/8A
DC Power:                      DC 24V/5A
Battery Capacity:            22V,90Wh
Net size:                         25*29*35(cm)
Packaged size:               49.8*435.*498(cm)
Net weight:                    10.8KG
Packaged weight:          15.5KG
Spindle speed:               10000RPM
Power:                            200W
Operation System:          Android

2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine Package includes:
1pc x 2M2 Magic Tank Key Cutting Machine
1pc x Standard Clamp
1pc x 1.5mm Cutter
2pcs x 2.00mm Cutter
4pcs x Probe
1pc x Stopper
1pc x Hexagon Driver (2.5)
1pc x Hexagon Driver (8.0)
1pc x Blue Spanner
1pc x Red Spanner
1pc x Brush
1pc x Power Adapter

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