2024 Lonsdor K518 PRO FCV Version (Free Combination Version) All-in-One Key Programmer 5+5 Car Series Free Use Full Functions Free Update Lifetime

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2 Lonsdor K518 PRO: FCV Version 2024 Lonsdor K518 PRO FCV Version (Free Combination Version) All-in-One Key Programmer 5+5 Car Series Free Use Full Functions Free Update Lifetime
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Product Description

  1. The K518 PRO Free Combination Version comes with support for 5 Car Series and lets you pick the other 5! For support for a total of 10 car series.
  2. Free Lifetime Updates Online. No Annual Fees.
Lonsdor K518 PRO FCV Version (Free Combination Version) All-in-One Key Programmer 5+5 Car Series Free Use Full Functions

K518 PRO FCV Highlights:

1. Built-in LKE Emulator
2. Newly Add Can-FD and DOIP Protocols
3. Free Toyota AKL Activation / JLR License / Nissan License / Volvo License
4. Supported language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Burmese, Khmer, Hebrew.

5. Get 5 Cars and Select 5 Cars, total 10 Free Cars. If you need more car, you can buy car authorization license alone.
6. Free Lifetime Updates Online. No Annual Fees.

Lonsdor K518 PRO FCV Version (Free Combination Version) All-in-One Key Programmer

The K518 PRO FCV Supports the Following Car Series:

5 Car Series Preinstalled Software:

Toyota / Lexus / Scion
Nissan / Infiniti/ Datsun / Venucia
Hyundai / Kia
Honda / Acura
Land Rover / Jaguar 

-Additionally, you will be able to select another 5 series for your machine.
-Support to add more car softwares authorization. Contact us to buy the extra car software for K518 PRO FCV
Brand Price (USD)
BMW/MINI/Rolls-royce 22
VW/Audi/Skoda/Porsche/Bentley/Lamborghini 22
Volvo/LYNK & CO 30
Citroen/DS/Peugeot 22
Land Rover/Jaguar Default
Maserati/Fiat/Ferrari/Alfa Romeo/Lancia/A barth 27
Renault/Dacia 27
Benz/Smart 22
Borgward 22
LDV 18
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 44
Hummer/buick/cadillac/chevrolet/GMC/Oldsmobile/Pontiac/Saturn 40
Opel 22
Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 45
Toyota/Lexus/Scion Default
Mazda 30
Nissan/Venucia/Infiniti/Datsun Default
Hyundai/Kia/Genesis Default
Mitsubishi 22
Honda/Acura Default
Subaru 30
Isuzu 22
Mitsuoka 18
Daewoo 18
Daihatsu 18
MG 22
Chery 22
JAC 22
BYD 22
Great Wall 22
Perodua /Geely 22
Proton 22
Mahindra 18
Maruti 18
Suzuki 18
Holden 22

K518 PRO FCV Free Combination Version Selectable Software Packages:

BMW / MINI / Rolls-royce
VW / Audi / Skoda / Porsche / Bentley / Lamborghini
Citroen / DS / Peugeot
Land Rover/Jaguar
Maserati / Fiat / Ferrari / Alfa Romeo / Lancia
Renault / Dacia
Benz / Smart
Ford / Lincoln / Mercury
Hummer / Buick / Cadillac / Chevrolet / GMC / Opel /Oldsmobile / Pontiac / Saturn
Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep
Toyota / Lexus / Scion
Nissan / Vemucia / Infiniti / Datsun
Hyundai / Kia / Genesis
Honda / Acura
WUING / MG / Chery / JAC / BYD / JAC / Great Wall
Perodua / Porton / Geely
TATA / Mahindra / Suzuki

K518 PRO FCV Software/Hardware Advantages:

Trendy tablet design with support frame, better user experience;
Based on Android 9, more optimized operation;
With Quad-core A7, the strongest computing power, 2 times that of A33;
Excellent and powerful ultra-high energy consumption ratio;
The first to support 8A(H chip) generation;
Added support for CANFD and DoIP protocols.
Function Superiority
More comprehensive functions and features based on K518;
Support most car models on the market, luxury, domestic and popular cars all included;
Networking/Pincode/OBD program, not required for most models;
Support 24V lorry and heavy trucks.

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer Device FCV Heavy Features:

Supports Mitsubishi Tota Loss Analog Startup Chip Generation
Support Subaru Smart All Lost OBD reset
Support the latest Mazda smart key without authorization code matchingS40/S60/S80/V40/V60/V70/C30/C70/XC60/XC70/XC90,etcNon-intelligent, semi-intelligent,ful intelligent key matching
Support Toyota /Lexus smart card all lose OBD matching (no disassembly) do not neednetwork computing
support Honda 4A smart key full loss and disassembly
Support Xinxuan Yi key loss, key increase (no authorization code)
Support for the WW 45-Generatian Enginsering Model
Support Volkswagen /Audi/Skoda /Sitter MOB platform ant-theft matching and mileage recovery
Support for more than 809% of General Series 2010-2018 iPath Pure Beta Board Commodity Read Authorization Code Match
Support BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++/CAS4/CAS4+/FE/Belden and other anti-theft system matching
Support Double Dragon series smart key and key matching
Support smart 453 read authorization code matching
Support 2018 Ford Smart Key and Key Matching
Support FY Xiang knob type key OBD matching
Support Maserati Folding Key OBD Direct Matching
Supports the new Maserati Read Authorization Code and Smart Key Matching after 16 years
Support Peugeot Citroen series of four methods authorization code, including all loss
Support Hyundai Kia 46 /47 /8A smart card authorization reading
Support for new Land Rover Jag 0BD matching, while supporting write-start matching
Support Renault's new Megane 4 / Landscape 4 read authorization code and matching program
Support 16-year-old Reynolds Cu4 read authorization code matching
Support 15-year-old Reno Correio direct OBD code matching
Support Ferrari(458,F12,F149) OBD Direct Match
Support chip decoding, chip simulation, chip identification, generation of remote controller, generation intelligence
Support 15 - 18 Land Rover Jag 0BD write start (emergency start /intelligent start access /remote control /all lost free removal
Support universal key chip(4D, 46,48,T5,7936)
Generate Dedicated Key Chip...
Support Renault, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Dacia and another European common type matching
Support for matching common American models such as Dodge, ChryslerJEEP,Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, etc.
Support Toyota /Lexus, Honda /Acura, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan /lnfinitiHyundai Kia, Proton and other Asian car series common model matching
Support for Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Cadillac and more
Luxury Car Matching...
Common popular models, domestic brand models are fully functional

Functional advantages:
1. Based on the original K518, the functions are more comprehensive;
2. All high-end models are available, as well as common domestically produced cars;
3. Most models do not require Internet access, authorization codes, and OBD matching without disassembling .

Lonsdor K518 Pro (FCV) Key Programmer

KPROG and K518PRO after binding can support the Volvo car series (except for the latest generation) after reading data, all lost increase operation method is the same. it is the first to support Volvo models on the market and the most widely supported equipment.Currently supported models (including L, regardless of country or region):

S Series Sedan: S40, S60, S80
XC series SUVs: XC60, XC90, XC70V
series cars: V40, V60, V70
C series cars: C30, C70

KPROG Compiler can read CEM, KVM data.

Note: Some KVMs need to be read by an external programmer, and the new key matching can be completed by importing the K518PRO through the Linstar Service Center.
KPROG will continue to upgrade to read more EEPROM chip data to obtain authorization code.

Lonsdor K518Pro FCV Newest Update Info:

K518PRO/K518 Series Update BMW/PEUGEOT/CHERY April 9,2024


General area\Boxer2010-2023\lmmobilizer
General area\l0N 2009-2019\Mechanical key
Europe\Boxer 2010-2023\lmmobilizer
Europe\l0N 2009-2019\Mechanical key
South America Boxer 2010-2023\lmmobilizer

Explore series\Explore 06 \2023-
Tiggo series\Tiggo 9\2023-
Fulwin series\Fulwin A8\2024-

K518PRO/K518 Series Update CADILLAC/GMC/BUICK/CHEVROLET Renault/Dacia on March 10th, 2024:

Note: CANFD protocal car models only supported by K518PRO.
Please update your device to check the details.

FORD IMMO UPDATE-1 Feb. 28th, 2024
Explorer Sport Trac
Transit Connect
Transit Custom
Falcon Wagon
Please update your device to check the details.

FORD IMMO UPDATE-2 Feb. 29th, 2024
F-250 SD
F-350 SD
Taurus X
F-450 SD
F-550 SD
F-650 SD
Please update your device to check the details.

Lonsdor K518PRO/K518 Series Super Update [Dec. 26, 2023]
MLB programming for Audi & VW & Porsche & Bently & Lamborghini
Note: Require to use with KYDZ specific MLB key reading/writing tool

Lonsdor K518 SERIES UPDATE  NISSAN & CHEVROLET Update time: Dec. 18, 2023
Rogue\2021-\Smart key
Almera \2022
Pathfinder\2022 \Smart key
New X-Trail\2014-
Patrol\2018\ Smart key
4-digit PIN code Without slot-button\ type 3

Blazer\2020-2022\Mechanical key
Cavalier\ 2019-2022\ Immobilizer
Lova RV\2016-2018
Malibu Classic\2001-2005\Remote
Menlo\2020\Smart key
Monza\2022-2024\Mechanical key

CANFD protocol vehicles(K518PRO Only)
Tracker\2020-2022\Smart key
Tracker\2020-2022\Mechanical key

K518PRO K518 Series Hyundai & Kia Update
Update time: Nov. 14, 2023

Sonata(DN8)2023-Smart key
Sonata Hybrid(DN8 HEV)2023-Smart key
Kona(OS)2022-Smart key
Kona Electric(OS EV)2022-Smart key
Tucson(TL)2021-Smart key
Tucson(NX4)2023-Smart key
Tucson(NX4A)2023-Smart key
Tucson Hybrid(NX4 HEV)2022-Smart key
Santafe(TMA)2023-Smart kev
Santa Cruz(NX4A OB)2023-Smart key
Santafe HYBRID(TM HEV)2023-Smart key
VENUE(OX)2023-Smart key
Veloster(JS)2021-Smart key
Veloster N(JSN)2022-Smart kev
Cadenza(YG)2021-Smart key
Carnival(KA4)2022-Smart key
EV6(CV)2022-Smart key
Forte(BD)2022-Smart key
K5DL3A)2020-Smart key
Niro(DE EV)2022-Smart key
Niro(DE HEV)2022-Smart key
Niro(SG2 EV)2023-Smart key
Niro(SG2 PHEV)2023-Smart key
Rio(sC)2023-ISmart key
Seltos(SP2)2020-Smart key
Sorento(MO4A)2022Smart kev
Sorento PHEV(MO4 HEV)2022-Smart key
Soul(SK3)2022-Smart key
Soul EV(SK3 EV)2022-Smart key
Sportage(NO5)2023-Smart key
Sportage(NQ5A)2023-Smart kev
Sportage(OL)2022Smart kev
Sportage PHEV(NO5 HEV)2023-Smart kev
Stinger(CK)2022Smart key
Telluride(ON)2020-Smart key

Lonsdor K518PRO CHEVROLET UPDATE Support Programming Via OBD:
Update time: Nov. 8, 2023

Silverado 2021-2023
Suburban 2021-2023
Tahoe 2021-2023
Silverado 1500: 2021-2023
Silverado 3500: 2021-2023
Onix: 2020-
Trax 2020  2020-

Middle East
Traverse 2019-2023
Trailblazer 2020-2023
Malibu 2017-2022
Sonic 2022
Equinox 2017-2023
Camaro 2017-2019
Trax 2017-2022

USA Canada
Silverado 1500: 2014-2016  2017-2020  2021-2023
Silverado 3500: 2015-2016  2017-2023
Sonic 2017-2019
Spark EM 2014-2016    SS 2014-2017
Suburban 2015-2016
Suburban 2017-2019  2020 
Tahoe 2017-2019  2020
Aveo 2017-2019  2020 
Cavalier 2019-2022 
Trax 2013-2016  2021-2022
Product Specifications:
Operating system: android 9
Processor: Rockchip PX30
Memory: ram 2G flash 8G
Display: MIPI 800*1280
WiFi: (802.11 b/g/n)
Bluetooth: 4.1
SD card: supports plugging and unplugging
Battery: 5800MAH
Input voltage: 12V
Shell material: PC hard shell + TPR60 °
Size: 26*3*16CM 
Package includes:
1pc x K518 Pro-FCV Main Host
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Acquisition Antenna
1pc x Type-C Cable
3pcs x Extra Connectors
1pc x OBD2 Test Cable
1pc x Certificate & User Manual Card
1pc x Main Unit Packing Bag


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