Seven steps to have healthy spring driving

How to maintain cars in spring?
Automotive maintenance methods and parts vary every season, and all have their own methods of protection. How to maintain cars in spring? How much you know about car maintenance in spring? Today engineers would like to share you seven steps to let us have healthy spring driving
1. Cleaning cooling system
Circulatory system includes the oil and water. After a winter, the tank car radiators and car air-conditioning condenser attached above are definitely a lot of dust which will lead to tank heat disadvantage, engine temperature too high, cool in summer without air conditioning failure, or even can cause serious damage to the early parts of the car, so be sure to wash the spring the vehicle cooling system.
2. Keep oil channel clear
As to spring the oil conservation, a professional repair to ensure the cleanness of throttle and fuel injectors, because the upcoming summer is the peak period of using air-conditioning; and now oil prices climb higher and higher, poorer parts undoubtedly consume more fuel of car.
3. Maintain whole air conditioning
In addition, the temperature of the spring is not stable, so the air conditioning and refrigeration inspection is even more important. After nearly six months of un-use of air conditioning, it may be some leakage of refrigerant, so be alert to clean filter and check coolant level. .
4. Replace summer-used oil
Although most of the cars are now using the oil for all Seasons, in some areas in the northern, it is extreme cold, so the vehicle's engine oil still separate winter and summer use. Hence, in the arrival of summer, summer-used oil is more suitable.
5. Change coolant timely
Coolant consumes less in cold season, but as the approaching of hotter days, the vehicle coolant consumption will increase; in this case, always check the fluid level, and pay attention to add or change coolant.
6. Replace the wiper
Spring and summer days are abundant with rain, so the use of the wiper will more frequently, thus it should be checked. If rubber blades are aging, hardening, or cracking, it would need to replace a pair of new wiper blades. Replacement of the blade is not complicated to spend tens of dollars to buy auto city vice new, you can put on yourself.
7. Car disinfection
The interior environment of car is important, due to window ventilation is not so good or often in winter, the leaving residue and perspiration comfortable temperature in the spring urge the living of mites and can easily lead to a variety of bacterial growth. Therefore, complete car disinfection is necessary to avoid interior environment problems, or even human beings healthy problems.
In short, spring car care programs vary from car to car, and person to person; but the main programs are mentioned by engineers, these seven parts including cleaning cooling system, keeping oil channel clear, maintaining whole air conditioning, replacing summer-used oil, changing coolant timely, replacing the wiper and Car disinfection.