Porsche VXDIAG multi tool PIWIS 2 error "No VCI has been detected"

Here are some engineer's opinions when VXDIAG MULTI diagnostic tool for Porsche and Land Rover came with the error "No VCI has been detected"


VXDIAG Porsche error message:

VCI configuration instruction:

No VCI has been detected.

please ensure that the VCI is correctly connected to the tester via USB.

Click on Find VCI to start the search.

VXDIAG-Porsche-vci-not-detected (1)

VXDIAG-Porsche-vci-not-detected (2)

engineer opinion:

It's normal.

This is VXDIAG diagnostic tool, not the original VCI

ONLY with original Porsche PIWIS tester 2, can you do VCI selfcheck