OBD2 Scanner Introduction

OBD Scan or otherwise known as On-Board Diagnostic Scan is used for scanning the auto emission from your vehicles. With the use of an OBD2 code scanner, you can easily scan the engine performance as well as get a comprehensive picture of the performance of all the accessory components and check the effectiveness of function. You can simply plug in a handheld OBD automotive scanner using an OBD cable for a complete diagnosis of the engine not only in case of a breakdown, but also to assure the peak functionality of your engine from time to time.
OBD2 Standard  
All the vehicles manufactured in United States after 1996, which consist of a gasoline powered engine, are fitted with an in-built plug which allows scanning with an OBD2 code scanner to know everything related to the engine performance in order to aid in engine troubleshooting. The previous standard before 1996 was OBD1, which has now almost completely got replaced with OBD2. With the OBD1, there was no uniform system to identify the problem and each automobile manufacturer was using his own codes. However with OBD2, this issue is completely eradicated and it has been adopted as a universal standard for onboard diagnostic system and is followed by all manufacturers alike.
The function of OBD2 code scanner
Once you plug in the OBD2 code scanner, the real-time data regarding the vehicle’s engine will be fed into the scanner, which will appear on the LCD screen of the device. It can readily give information about the efficiency of the vehicle’s fuel injection system as well as disclose throttle related issues if any. Above all, you can check the emission status of your engine and see whether it is within the compliance limit of the state-mandated emission standards.
If any type of failure is detected in the engine like an issue related to the oxygen sensor, throttle sensor, or temperature sensor, it will be displayed on the screen under the specific diagnostic trouble code category. This can be taken as a warning indication; however, it does not mean you need to immediately replace the component. It can be due to other reasons also due to which the sensor is giving you the warning signal. Even if you can spot abnormalities, it is necessary that you run a full diagnostic checkup at the authorized service center and act according to the advice of the technician. You can easily search for the OBD2 code scanner devices online and can get hold of a good quality device from any reputed stores.