2001 AUDI TT convertible key programmed bit IMMO light flashing

Q: I came across this AUDI TT 2001 cabriolet made in Hungary with Gasoline Quattro convertible manufacture date Sep 2000 manufactured on hongaria. Other locksmith cut n program key, car start one time then immo light blinking. I try to reprogram key, read error told me faulty key, then I got a new 48 chip and program key. Everything is good at the end of process IMMO light still blinking car won t start. After the second time, I put key ignition on with booster for 24hour. Because prior me coming back they try to start car many time. Car might be locked I thinking this car might used a different chip like European model. Might need and IMMO off if so how u do it? Can VCDS or VAGCOM fix issues?
A: 3 users’ advice to follow:
The first user: sounds like you have faulty dash; I see lots like this in UK. IMMO off is only way for older cars. When you have pin, try to disconnect battery for some time and then program it with VCDS because mm73 dashes are tricky and communication is not so easy like on VDO. When it not helps post here dump and I add key manually for you. BTW: all TT that I have seen are from Hungary and use id48.
The second user: These TT have the same problem every time for some reason you need the pin from the dash 3k91d 912dg128 even when you add the key direct the light can flash. Sometimes I have found that the keys need to be deleted first using channel 21 VAG TACHO does these IV ha AVDI ad100 SBB k can and had the same problem light. Flashing built TACHO 3.1 or v5 works ok select mm m73 channel 21 erase old keys then it will connect and erase and then fail to add the key but when you go back in it will add the key straight away.
The third user: What about doing with VCDS manually? Had on '04 TT where automated AVDI key programming didn't work - light kept flashing. So used adaption channel method instead and worked fine. Occasionally you get this.
Where is the EEPROM /to be read location ECU or IMMO in dash?
When it has only IMMO number then is immo2 and have no pin in ECU. EEPROM in dash is in Motorola processor. Sorry it is immo3, I have see now VIN number. Have you tried VCDS?