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High Quality Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device V2011 Diagnosis For The Different Menus On Offer

High Quality Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device V2011 Diagnosis For The Different Menus On Offer

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  • Item No. SP04-C
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.It is a VCI (vehicle communication Interface) with the help of Multi-Diag Office software vehicle diagnostic, maintenance and repair operations can be done in just a few clicks without being an electronic expert.
This version Multi-diag J2534 Resolved NO VCI FOUND problem!
Multi-languages supported

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by Mr.Mauricio Quintana on Nov 5, 2017
A friend of mine, Fernando,bought a SCANNER ACTIA. He could not install the software in his computer because it says that the program is too big to fit in memory. He needs to know what to do in this case. He tried in different computers with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in Spanish as well in English and nothing happened. Please let me know is there any solution to this issue. I will appreciate your help.

Replied by karen on Nov 5, 2017
Did he buy from us please, kindly pass us order number for checking first, thank you.
by Mr.GIGI on May 9, 2016
Replied by Cindy on May 9, 2016

The code is 64E2280F1C34FC9B

Best regards
by Mr.GIGI on May 9, 2016
Code please,
sorry my mistake
Replied by Cindy on May 9, 2016

The code is 64E2280F1C34FC9B

Best regards
by Mr.Jose Valadez on Dec 1, 2015
Hi ineed activation code again instal multi diag on another pc an get other identifier
Order #U2151031255785
Identifier 23-6EA06F41YKF

Replied by karen on Dec 1, 2015

Activation Code is: 614EC879BDB949D4 

by Mr.Jose Valadez on Nov 30, 2015
HI I need activation code for maxi di@g
Order #U2151031255785
Identifier number 23-514D3C41YKF
Replied by karen on Nov 30, 2015
Hello Friend,

Activation Code is 9F2141FFAA068369

Best regards

by Mr.Victor Hernandez on Jul 19, 2015
Order Number U2150713231907
Identifier number 23-E0EF13B2CVD
I need code
Replied by karen on Jul 19, 2015
Hi Victor,

Nice day.

Activation code is:  31B9F7C40EEE7B6F 

Best regards

by Mr.sklg on May 23, 2015
I need a code for my multidiag's VCI
My order number is 66853701619138

Please ......
Replied by Joyce on May 24, 2015
Hello, dear friend

Good day
Your order is not placed on our website

by Mr.NELSON SANCHEZ on Jun 6, 2014
my Id # is 23-E11E6E32CVD if you can send me de activation code i really apreciate. Thanks.
Replied by Betsy on Jun 6, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
May I know your order number ,then after check 
Will send your activation code 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 


by Mr.john on Dec 26, 2013
Can I use SP04-C, J2534 V2011on window7 system?
Replied by Miley on Dec 26, 2013
Dear friend

Good day

Yes,you can use the device on Windows 7 System

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.diego on Oct 3, 2013
buenas tardes.
El siguiente producto me interesa mucho New High Quality Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device V2011 ..... por fav or me porian mandar mas especificaciones sobre este, asi como cual es el metodo para adquirir y pagar, metodo de envio, etc.

gracias espero su pronta respuesta
Replied by Kelly on Oct 6, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

This item can work for many car modules and better to work for cars from Europen and Japan,please check the protocol it support on our website,we ship it by DHL or other express delivery you are prefer,pelase kindly advise back ,we can help arrange it fro you,here is the payment method on our website please check,thank you!'


by Vladimir Terekhov on Sep 7, 2013
You can use this device for Toyota Prius 2007 made ​​for North America
by Mr.abdulrahman on Jul 8, 2013

i need activation code 23-78e9edb2cvd
Replied by Kelly on Jul 8, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

I  will e-mail you later with the files needed for your updating ,thank you !


by Mr.Jorge on Jun 23, 2013
This equipment is used to diagnose diesel engines ?
Replied by karen on Jun 24, 2013
Dear friend ,

Wish a nice day to you !

Sorry our Item No.SP04-C can only used on car engines test .Please be noted.

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Jarek Ignasiak on Jun 21, 2013
HI sir

i have tried with many windows XP system computer but can not find the diver ,what's the problem ?
Replied by Kelly on Jun 21, 2013
Hi friend 

You may not install the diver well and can not find it ,please tery again carefully ,thank you !


by Mr.pottier christophe on May 28, 2013
i have activate soft
act code:23-4ECD6572CVD

Replied by karen on May 29, 2013
Dear friend ,

Nice day !

The activation code is  B75EF1F5FDD9C15F  .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Fran. on May 14, 2013
I have already purchased SP 04 B. In which direction I have update and key.
Thank you.
Replied by karen on May 16, 2013
Dear friend ,

May i have your order number first please ? Basically ,it can only do diagnosis .

Also , did you activat it yet ?

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.RAMAH on Apr 26, 2013
i need code for it is 21-3834A8A2CVD
by Mr.RAMAH on Apr 26, 2013
hi i need activation code 23-471387A2CVD
thank you
Replied by karen on Apr 26, 2013
Dear friend ,

May I have your order number first please ? I have to figure out the item no of your product first , because we have SP04,SP04-B and SP04-C for multi diag access J2534 .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Krishna.Hatalageri on Mar 30, 2013

we wsih to more details of the following tool and also let us know know wheter it is suitalbe for all types of cars made in the world including Indian cars.

what are its test capability
which are area of diagnosis it can cover on all cars
Is it suitable for Petrol and Diesel cars

Multipurpose diagnotic tool V-2011
by Mr.rodrigo on Mar 19, 2013
ola gostari de saber as formas de envio para o brasil mais rapidas e a garantia que o produto vai chegar com certeza obrigado
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