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Lexia-3 for Peugeot Citroen KeyPad Immobilizers Unlock Software

Lexia-3 for Peugeot Citroen KeyPad Immobilizers Unlock Software

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Lexia-3 Peugeot Citroen KeyPad Immobilizers Unlock Software is a code calculator and immobiliser function disable tool.

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by Vlado Mladjenovic on Jul 20, 2018
Molio big da mi neko objasni kako ovo funkcionise to jeste lexia 3 I keypad immobilizer Peugeot Citroen. Hvala
Replied by karen on Jul 20, 2018
System consist the Immobiliser keypad and Engine Management Computer (ECU). Car ECU has to receive a correct four digit number which is punched in via a keypad (looks like picture) within the car before the vehicle will start. This number is selected by the owner of the vehicle when first purchased, if the number is later mislaid or for any reason, the device which holds the secret codes gets corrupted a very expensive Engine Management System has to be replaced. With our software you can read the original code, change the code or disable it. Software set include all engine types good microcontroller and EEPROM dumps collection, keypad immo programming manual and immo codes unlock and disable instructions.
by Hackett on May 9, 2016
I gave 5 start for communication and product
Replied by Cindy on May 9, 2016
Hi dear friend

Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely

Best regards

by Mr.Cain on May 9, 2016
very good quality and fast
Replied by Cindy on May 9, 2016
Hi dear friend

Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely

Best regards

by Eugene Lindeque on Jan 19, 2015
hi can tool do pin code calculation for Peugeot 307 from 95128 EEPROM dump on bsi?
Replied by Joyce on Jan 19, 2015
Hello, Friend

Good day
What year of your car?

Thanks for your support of UOBD2
by Mr.jaime coello on Feb 23, 2014
hola estoy interesado en sus productos mi skype jaime3359
Replied by karen on Feb 24, 2014
Hola estimado amigo, 
Te acabo de añadir en skype, por favor acepte mi invitación, entonces podemos hablar de los detalles. 
Un saludo y gracias 
by Mr.robert on Feb 23, 2014
is there any wiring diagrams or does the dongle plug into the eobd port or tag wires to the ciruit board could you please let me know how it reads bsi thankyou
Replied by karen on Feb 24, 2014
Hi Dear Friend,

Nice day!

Sorry it can't read BSI. It's just like a calculator.

Best regards & thanks

by Ms.Diana Rico on Oct 28, 2013
What language does this keypad, in Chinese?
Because spanish windows does not read the chinese for different characters you use your language, Windows does not recognize.
I would appreciate an answer because I did not before you responded to me.
Replied by Kelly on Oct 28, 2013
Hi friend 

There is English version,thank you!


by Ms.Diana Rico on Oct 28, 2013
This kaypad not work, buy 4 and I had to return the money to my buyers. The program always says "dongle not found". I even tested with a USB dongle that you sent me. Windows no recognizes neither. Neither the serial or USB. What can we do?
by Ms.Diana on Oct 17, 2013
where you plug in the dongle?
I bought 4 and no where to plug it. It's on PC?
by Mr.kunle on Aug 27, 2013
I have lexia key immobiliser but i do not know how to use it.pls,can you tell me how it works and its connection.
Replied by Kelly on Aug 27, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

There is a CD along with is key immobilizer in pacakge,you need to install the software first and write this data from cd to key immobilizer to work,thank you!


by Mr.cerqueira on Apr 12, 2012
desbloqueia mesmo as bsi
by Mr.Vasiliy Gankevich on May 5, 2011
I bought this product with Lexia-3 in your shop. Could you, please, give me some instruction how to use this device with Lexia-3 on my e-mail adress, wiring lay-out and pdf-instruction would be the best ?
Thanks in advance.
by rumualdo ramirez on Apr 23, 2011
order for 3 units keypad immobilizer unlock.
payment by wester union shipping sao mpaulo beazil is product compatible lexia 3
best regard
Replied by Juliana on Apr 24, 2011
Hi,dear friend
This item three units are 75usd.DHL shipping fee is 30usd.If ship by simple airmail.shipping cost is free. Our western union information is:
First Name:CAIHONG
Last Name :LIN
Postal Code:518112
Mobile: +86- 13128985308
Tel: +86-755-28704781

This one not together with Lexia-3. Detail user methods is in the cd of this item.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.N Sotheren on Jan 21, 2011
We have lost the key chip for the engine immobiliser do you sell this chip.
Peugeot 307
Replied by cookie on Jan 21, 2011
Hi dear,

Can you tell me your chip ID?

Thanks and best regards

by Mr.pedro fernandes on May 14, 2010
Peugeot Citroen KeyPad Immobilizers Unlock Software Free shipping
meu endereco e
AV:miguel varlez N:1060 cep:11 660 650
sao paulo
Replied by xin on May 17, 2010

hi, my dear friend

we accept payment through paypal,western union and T/T.our paypal account is
western union information:
First Name:LU
Last Name :XIANG
Postal Code:518122
Mobile: +86- 15018539728
Tel: +86-755-84737267
T/T information is:
Name of Corporation: Sinoy Electronic Technology HK Limited
Bank name:HSBC HongKong
BANK number:004                                                  

any other problems, pls feel free to contact us.

thank you and best regards


by Mr.kok yip khien on Mar 29, 2010
Hi mr kane,
I would like more details regarding this product.It is like socket and the pin code is normally is 4 digits .How to extract the pin code from the car?i just wonder hopefully i can hear from you thank you best regards
Replied by Admin on Mar 30, 2010

thank you for your message.there is a software of this product i can show you,with this you can see how it works and what kind of car it works with.

thank you and best regards!

by Ms.Kirsten on Sep 7, 2009
it is my good assisstant. enjoy it!
by Mr.Kane on Sep 7, 2009
quick response, smart !
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