【Overseas Warehouse Map】Fast Shipping with Tax Free

UOBDII Overseas Warehouse Shipping Notice

UOBDII Overseas Warehouse Map, Fast Delivery with Tax Free

UOBDII has built US, UK, Czech and RU Warehouse to benefit customers. Fast Shipping with Tax Free!!!

Ship from US 
Ship from US: 2-3 Days by USPS or Fedex

If you're from United States, please check the full stock in US warehouse for hundreds of devices.

Ship from UK
Ship from UK: 2-3 Days by Yodel or Royal Mail
If you're from UK, please check here. Because of the Brexit, UK warehouse can't ship to other EU countries at present.

Ship from Czech 
Ship from Czech: 3 Days by DHL
If you're from European countries, please check this link to ship from Czech, it's ok to ship to all the EU countries.

Ship from RU: 3 Days by IML
If you're from Russia, please check here.

The countries can be sent are as following: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Romania, Luxembourg, Poland, Austria, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland & Russia.

Please feel free to contact us at sales@uobdii.com or Whatsapp +86-13995696053 if any doubt.