What to do when Chevrolet Cruze key fail to pull out

A car owner says his Chevrolet Cruze only drives about 5000kM; the key fails to pull out.
Diagnose where the fault locates: this car is with 1.6L LED engine and 6 speed GF6 transmission, it has Electronic Parking Lock system (EPL), as the following picture shows, EPL is used to prevent the ignition key from turning to "OFF" position when the car is driving and the transmission deviates from PARK position.  EPL contain: one key capture solenoid valve actuators (M93) and one parking gear position switch (B818) in the automatic gear shift lever assembly. Ignition switch lock cylinder solenoid value is with a pin whose strength is increased by spring mechanically, which prevent Ignition key cylinder turn to "OFF" position if the gear does not shift to PARK lever. If the car power disappears and/or transmission does not shift to PARK lever, then the driver can’ put the ignition key on the "lock" position, also can’t pull out the key from steering column.

Then I connect the RDS2 and MDI to diagnose, there are no trouble codes in all control models, and check the digital display of automatic transmission control model, it shows all levers are working, then check body control module the digital display, it shows in chassis control data the brake gear shift lever interlock solenoid actuator command value always display "inactive" , it means BCM doesn’t detect the Parking gear position switch (B81B) in automatic gear shift lever assembly close, that is the "P" lever information of shift lever is not detected. And I find the car owner install another set of same color seat cover, seat belt cover, handbrake cover and gear shift lever set, but the gear shift lever set is too small to suppress the releasing button in the front of shift lever, then releasing button open the parking gear position switch through the gear in the transmission mechanism, and make it in opening status, key capture solenoid valve actuators fail to form a loop and fail to complete releasing action, therefore the key can't be pull out from steering column.
How to troubleshoot: after remove the gear shift lever set, the trouble is solved.