What are EOBD2 and JOBD


The “E” stands for Enhanced in this case. The term is some vehicle manufacturers’ marketing strategy to refer to manufacturer-specific features that are not related with the OBD or EOBD standard.

JOBD is the Japan equivalent of OBD-II.
ADR 79/01 & 79/02 (Australian OBD standard)
The ADR 79/01 (vehicle standard (Australian Design Rule 79/01 – Emission Control for Light Vehicles) 2005) standard is the version of OBD-II for vehicles sold in Australia. The technical implementation of this standard is essentially the same as OBD-II, with the same SAE J1962 diagnostic link connector and signal protocols being used.
The system is used on all new petrol engine cars of category M1 and N1 registered in Australia with a gross Vehicle Weight of 3500 kg or less since January 1, 2006, for diesel engine cars since January 1, 2007. For newly introduced models, the regulation dates a year earlier - January 1, 2005 for petrol and January 1, 2006 for diesel.
The ADR 79/01 standard was then supplemented by the ADR 79/02 standard. From July 1, 2008, the new standard imposed tighter emissions restrictions for new car models of class M1 and N1 with a gross vehicle weight rating of 3500 kg or less. The regulation then covers all models since July 1, 2010.