What about FGTech Galletto 4?

Actually, it is in an occasional situation I bought my FGTech Galletto 4 from UOBDII.com which now has a great number of followers. I had no idea about purchasing it, while after having a chat with my friend, I placed an order there.
What about my FGTech Galletto 4? My bought version is v54, which has the same function with v53, read and writing engine and ECU DATA. It can work on cars, trucks, motorbikes, and marines; actually, I have it tested only with cars and trucks.
But there was one thing bother me last month, I would like to change a computer for better operating; no CD I received from uobd2, I have it lost; I would like to ask seller for help, by email or send me CD again; fortunately, they provide me one link on their software, users manual, video and so on download website; download freely. Here is the link for v54:

This is an interlude. I would like to share with you more information about fgtech. Galletto 4 master software contains the supported vehicle lists; I heard that v53 has a documents file. Install software, fail to open software, you maybe should re-download software while close anti-software.
This is all about my fgtech till now; more information will be shared later.