How to Use Autohex II Reset BMW EGS 6HP and 8HP EWS?

Transmission which has an EWS security cannot be replaced with a second hand unless it is matched with CAS or both CAS and DME. This can be achieved by few easy steps in AutoHex II by resetting the EWS in EGS.

EGS EWS Reset in E Series
Only E70 and E71 models come with EWS security in E series. All other car models in E series can be replaced with used EGS just by doing coding from Indiv coding.
6HP Transmission with security (EWS Active) can be unlocked with the help of AutoHex in these models. Matching EGS ISN with CAS and DME is easy as one click in ISN manager.
From ISN Manager in E series, use option 3 for matching EGS ISN with CAS. AutoHex will match EGS and CAS all in automated steps
EGS ISN in most of E70 is needed for programming a new key when all keys are lost, ISN from DME will not help in this case.
No need of any working key for reading ISN from EGS.

EGS EWS Reset in F/G Series
All car models in F/G series come with EWS security for transmission. AutoHex can reset almost all 8HP models in this series. For resetting transmission go to EGS ISN option from ISN manager and make EWS reset. After making reset do codding for the control from Indiv coding.