Five steps to achieve turning season automotive maintenance

It is especially important and necessary to have a good program to achieve turning season automotive maintenance. here presents you five steps to achieve effective maintenances.
1.       Automotive tyres: avoid high temperature and over wear

After this period of time, automotive tyres should be detected and maintained first. Because, as the approaching of summer, hotter temperature will lead to tires to wear more and then break; during driving, it also increases wear and treads. Therefore, be paying attention to diction of tyres wear and treads, if out of limitation, replacement of tyre to keep driving security.
2.       Engine oil concentration: adjust engine oil probably when turn season

When do turning season maintenance, engine oil concentration is crucial. The viscosity of engine oil changes as temperature changes; higher concentration in winter, and lower in summer; therefore, as temperature increase, accordingly change engine oil viscosity.
3.       Engine: identify engine performance condition according to sounds/noises

When do car maintenance, observation with eyes and ears are both important. in result, cold start up engine, detect and listen to vehicle belt wheel, and engine and other parts carefully to see there is strange sounds/noises or not. When hear metal impact sounds, be carefully in detecting.
4.       Require sterilization and cleanness on interior ornaments

Auto maintenance cannot miss the maintenance of inner part, especially interior ornaments. During a season or not, there is amount of dust and germs hide in interior ornaments, which requires sterilization cleanness.
5.       Air filter cleanness and replacement

Cleanness of air conditioner period is about half year once; but better in turning season; when wash car, have a overall cleanness on condenser, for it might ingulf leaves and insects, simple cleanness for better heat dissipation.
Besides, the cleanness of air filter is pretty necessary; but ways of cleanness vary from different material of air filter. Dust clearing is needed, too.
To sum up, above five facets are trying to help you achieve turning season automotive maintenance. And when come to tyre maintenance, measure and keep tyre pressure in certain is also important to keep driving security; engineer recommend you use useful TPMS TOOLS to control.