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Diagbox V7.49 Software For Lexia-3 PP2000 Diagnostic Tool For Peugeot Citroen

Diagbox V7.49 Software For Lexia-3 PP2000 Diagnostic Tool For Peugeot Citroen

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Diagbox V7.49 Software For Lexia-3 PP2000 Diagnostic Tool For Peugeot Citroen

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by Mr.Jens Lund on Aug 21, 2018
Is 7.49 the newest version diag box you have ????
Replied by karen on Aug 21, 2018
The latest is Diagbox V7.76 at present.
by Mr.Yoon Jong Choi on Jan 26, 2015
hello, i have question
I want diagnosis 2010 508
Then what item do i need ?
plz reply
Replied by Joyce on Jan 26, 2015

What is your car model?

Thanks for your support of uobd2
by Mr.Radek Mottl on Apr 15, 2014
What is the current firmware version? Still we fail to put into operation V7.24.
It says bad access to the card! In the PSA checker from the supplied CD is the latest version of Apple 4.2.9 DP of 11/2011. Please help!

Regards Radek
Replied by Betsy on Apr 15, 2014
Hello Dear :

Thanks for visit .
For this product don't have the firmware version .
So may I know your order number ,for our product the CD is same as the webpage .
In our webpage it has the video ,you can see how to installation .
Any questions,feel free to contact us 


by Mr.Aleandro vasconcelos on Apr 8, 2014
olá eu já tenho o lexia 3 , estou querendo atualizar , como eu faço, desde já obrigado.
Replied by Betsy on Apr 8, 2014
Hello Dear:

Thanks for visit 
You can directly place order through our website

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Antony Fere on Dec 19, 2013
does it work on vista please.
Replied by Kelly on Dec 20, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

System Requirements: Windows/ XP,WIN7, More than 4G of memory.


by Mr.Dimitris Tzanis on Dec 1, 2013
hello.all lexia vci that you sell works perfectly witth diagbox 6.01.with diag box 7,24 the vci have to be done firmware update.otherwise doent work, the program open but work only as passthru.inside cd you have a program psa checker that tell you the firmware of the tool.tha must to be change to work correct.ask scarymistake.
by Mr.Dimitris Tzanis on Nov 26, 2013
you are wrong.i install exactly as the video instructions says i open the program but cant recognise the vci.because the tool need firmware update.and if you open the cd you will found some other programs like psa checker to recognise the firmware version of the tool and with some help from you to change it for this version of diagbox that you give me
by Mr.amilcar on Nov 26, 2013
What it can do, it has electric diagram it has socket obdII......
by Mr.Dimitris Tzanis on Nov 26, 2013
hello i want instractions for how to instal drivers for interface psa checker psa dam and all this because doesnt work on w7 without it.
Replied by Kelly on Nov 26, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

It can installed on windows 7 and XP system,need to work together with  Lexia-3 PP2000 Peugeot Citroen Diagnostic Tool,please check,there is no user manual provided,thank you!


by Mr.Karoline on Nov 22, 2013
i brought one Lexia C quality from you a few months ago. can i buy this for updating?
Replied by Stacy on Nov 22, 2013
Dear sir

Good day

Yes, if yours is from us. You can buy this Latest software for updating 

by Mr.dimitris on Nov 8, 2013
Is this software work with item no SP08-C?

Replied by Kelly on Nov 8, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Yes,it works with SP08-C on our website,thank you!


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