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SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine with Android Tablet Free Shipping by DHL

SEC-E9 CNC Automated Key Cutting Machine with Android Tablet Free Shipping by DHL

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SEC-E9 is an all-in-one key cutting and duplicating machine. Its embedded 8-inch tablet eases the machine use dramatically. Thanks to the built-in decoder and key reading capability, it's the machine that suitable for key duplicating as well as creating key from bitting.

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by Mr.jb on Feb 9, 2020
hi! i will like to know why the sec-e9 cannot be shipped to south africa?
thank you.
Replied by karen on Feb 9, 2020
There is local dealer in South Africa, please buy from them directly or device will get locked.
by Mr. josian molefe on Dec 19, 2019
hi! what is the difference in uk,european and american model as i live in johannesburg south africa?
Replied by karen on Dec 19, 2019
It's just difference with voltage, while sorry we can't ship to South Africa.
by Marcell Carlo on Jan 30, 2019
1.What is the difference between the European model and the UK model?
2.Is the HU66 and Tibbe clamp included
Replied by karen on Feb 12, 2019
1. Difference is with battery only, if you're from UK, choose UK model, and if you're from other EU coutries, choose EU model then.
2. HU66 and Tibbe Clamps need to buy alone, please make order online together
by Mr.Marcell on Dec 17, 2018
Hi when are you expecting stock of this machine
Replied by karen on Dec 17, 2018
It is in stock now, please check and make order online directly.
by Jennifer Bobbitt on Aug 3, 2018
How quickly can it cut a key and can it handle cutting multiple keys at once? Thanks!
Replied by karen on Aug 3, 2018
It can finish cutting one key in 3-5 minutes. And one key at once only, please kindly be noted.
by Mr.Bglace Ben. on May 17, 2018
I used this machine for almost year. It is good for some keys but it is not good for special keys that need precision. Such as Vw, Honda, etc. Even, I did Calibration but still did not copy right for these keys.
Replied by karen on May 17, 2018
Can you show me picture of the keys which can't cut well? Engineer wants to check first then offer solution.
by Mr.josian molefe on May 15, 2018
hi! i would like to know if this machine can cut REANAULT smart key(emergency key)?
thank you.
Replied by karen on May 15, 2018
Can you please show me picture of the key to confirm, engineer wants to check the blade first.
by Mr. Glenn Letteer on Aug 20, 2017
How long does it take to arrive in the USA?
Replied by Joanna on Aug 20, 2017
Hi friend,

We usually ship through DHL, about 3-5days shipping to USA, ok for you? thanks.

Best regards,

by Mr.Danno on May 21, 2017
This machine is half the cost of my other machine that rhymes with Spherical A Twine. And works just as well. You can also turn off the screen when not in use in between jobs. Thanks uobdii for letting me return my Condor and get this instead!
Replied by karen on May 21, 2017
Hello Mr Danno,

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that.

by Mr.MARVYN on Mar 30, 2017
does it support house keys?
Replied by Carol on Mar 30, 2017
Hi Mr.Marvyn,
This device can support house keys.
Thank you for your comment.
We're looking forward to your visit again!
Best regards
by Mr.Brendan on Mar 30, 2017
what things i will get?
Replied by Carol on Mar 30, 2017
Hi Mr.Brendan,
You can check the package list here:
Contents Purpose
SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Key cutting and duplication
Cutter Tool for key cutting
Decoder Key decoding(copying)
T wrench Tool replacment
M5 bolt Cutter and decoder fixing
Stopper Key reference position guide
Auxiliary clamp SX9 clamp Key help fixing
Calibration block To Calibrate the clamp
24V Adapter Power supply input 100-240V
50/60Hz output 24.OV 5A
Spindle belt Ensure high-torque key cutting
User manual Product Manual

Best regards
by Mr.Abel on Mar 30, 2017
do you have usa model?
Replied by Carol on Mar 30, 2017
Hi Mr.Abel,
We have the usa model,you can choose it in the options.
Thank you for your commnet.
We're looking forward to your visit again!
Best regards
by Mr.Jake Gayle on Mar 18, 2017
I used it for cutting a household keys and it works well.I'm very satisfied with this machine.I highly recommend it to anyone.
Replied by Lynn on Mar 18, 2017
We are so happy to hear that.
Thank you so much for your review and support.
Best regards
by Mr.Charles on Mar 9, 2017
how soon can I get the device, really interested in this SEC-E9 Cutting Machine
Replied by karen on Mar 9, 2017
Hello Mr.Charles,

We have it in stock, normally will take about 5 days to arrive you by DHL. Please kindly be noted.

Best regards

by Mr.Piter on Mar 8, 2017
works great, thanks UOBD2
Replied by karen on Mar 8, 2017
Hello Mr.Piter,

Thanks for your feedback, have a nice day.

Best regards

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