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Carprog Full V10.93 with 21 Adapter Support Airbag Reset, Dash, IMMO, MCU/ECU

Carprog Full V10.93 with 21 Adapter Support Airbag Reset, Dash, IMMO, MCU/ECU

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CARPROG FULL (Come with a full set of 21 Adapters) was designed to meet our customers demands of a universal OBD tool for car radios, dashboards, immobilizers repair and some more advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programming.
To reset Airbag on most vehicles, CARPROG FULL is the best.

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by Mr.JD on Feb 6, 2020
Hello. I have a 2017 Honda Accord Will I be able to clear the crash data from my airbag computer to remove the airbag light on my dash board with this carprog?
Replied by karen on Feb 6, 2020
Sorry it can't support.
by Mr.Kazu on Dec 19, 2018
Hello, I have Volvo V70 (TYPE 875, B5244S, DENSO-ECU, DOHC-2.4L).
Is the "Carprog Full V10.93 with 21 Adapter" able to erase and flash EEPROM on the ECU to re-write VIN number and immobilizer code ?
I want to buy from you. It is because I have an used ECU which fit my V70 and I want to make it clone as a spare parts.
Thank you
Replied by karen on Dec 19, 2018
Sorry Carprog can't support your car.
by Elias Maldonado Sanchez on Dec 18, 2017
El CARPROG soporta Tableros que tiene tecnología fujitsu que tiene IC. (MB91F061BS)
Replied by karen on Dec 18, 2017
Lo siento, no puede soportar.
by Mr.Vojtěch on Dec 11, 2017

i have bought 2016 september order serial U2160906322101, i have old versio of sw, do you have v 10 update for me? Thanks
Replied by karen on Dec 11, 2017
Yes, when you have new order, please leave message to ship a new V10.05 cd to you together for free.
by Mr.ricardo ramirez betancourt on Nov 26, 2017
buenas tardes este carprog es original y costo de envio a mexico
Replied by karen on Nov 26, 2017
Nuestro Carprog es copia uno, nuestro precio incluye el costo de envío de DHL a México ya, haga el pedido en línea directamente.
by Mr.Mindaugas on Jun 30, 2017
Can it read/write instrument cluster eeprom 24C32 of VW Passat 2009?
Replied by Joanna on Jul 2, 2017
Hi friend,

Regret, this device cannot support your car, thanks.

Best regards,

by Mr.Marwan Abdulqader on Jan 17, 2017
hello, i have Volvo 2002 S60 and i bought a Instrument Cluster replacement and when i put it in my car it didn't work then i heard that i have to rest it so it will work,

does Carprog V9.31 that you offering do that?
Please answer me with an accurate answer

Thank you
Replied by karen on Jan 17, 2017
Hello Mr.Marwan,

Sorry Carprog can't support this function for your car.

Best regards

by Mr.mike b on Nov 29, 2016
looking to clear crash data on a 2000 ford focus will this do it ?need to get air bag light off after replacing tair bagsafter itting a deer
Replied by karen on Nov 29, 2016
Hi Mike,

Sorry I'm afraid this Carprog can't work on the function you requested.

by Mr.Javier Rodriguez on Sep 30, 2016
Amigos necesito construir el conector A6 clip ya que se me perdio necesito saber como van colocado los cables en los numero del conector. y saber si se puede actualizar el carprog yo tengo la version 6.8 Gracias espero me puedanayudar
Replied by karen on Oct 6, 2016
Hello Friend,

Please directly make order online for the A6 Cable for Carprog

And you can directly download the V9.31 software from this link!SMwxFCiY
Password: !ALoAZm3Oj7NUPkQLC8-jRxH8GlYslAAzSiDC_qBRQeg

Best regards

by Mr.Amin hashmi on Jun 5, 2016
pls explan can suppoart
S7.39 - Dashboard repairing 2013+ by OBDII for Ford Ranger, Fusion
S7.41 - Dashboard repairing by OBDII for DACIA 2013+
S7.46 –Internal EEPROM (data flash) repairing with A10 adapter for Fujitsu MB91F061
S7.48 Ford KA, Figo Aspire dashboard programming by OBDII
Replied by karen on Jun 6, 2016
Hello Friend,

This old version Carprog can't support the models you listed. While for the new firmware version Carprog, you can download and install software from this link to check first.

Best regards

by jamil bazouni on May 26, 2016
Hello Can you send me update for Version 9 I have version 7 now. My order number is U2160106269921
Replied by karen on May 26, 2016
Hello Friend,

Yes sure, I sent you free download link of the software to your email already. Please check.

Best regards

by Adam Zielinski on May 17, 2016

How can I do an update from Version 7 to Version 9
my order number is U2160214279625
Replied by karen on May 18, 2016
Hello Friend,

I will upload the software and pass you download link to update later.

Best regards

by Mr.Jason Parfitt on Apr 28, 2016
What functions are active in this software? I downloaded V7.28 and most options are N/A, so they will not function. Will this read immo pin code for Audi A4 2006, RB8 cluster?
Replied by Cindy on Apr 28, 2016
Sorry, it can not read immo pin code for Audi A4 2006, RB8 cluster
Best regards
by Mr.Gerardo Suarez on Mar 2, 2016
Hello, I would like to know if CarProg V7.28 include de OBD2 To ECU for Honda Civic Cupe Year 1996. Thanks for your help
Replied by Cindy on Mar 2, 2016

You can see from oue website, the full package include these adapters,if it is not show there,it was not maybe not inclde your request
1: CarProg Main harware interface
2: A1 - OBD2 Adapter Cable (Inside have K-line and CAN bus switches. Use with all cars complained with OBDII standard)
3: D1 - Odometer-airbag Adapter  (Dashboard ,Airbag programming adapter )
4: A3 - Transponder Antenna ( Used with all CARPROG immobiliser software )
5: A10 - Motorola Adapter Cable  (Motorola MCU programing adapter )
6: A11 - BMW EWS Adapter Cable   ( Used with BMW Immo software )
7: A16 - Car radio Cable   ( Used for Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen car radio made by Philips decoding)
8: A15 - Cable  (Used with D1 adapter ,Universal car dashboard and airbag programming adapter )
9: A17 - Honda Airbag OBD2 Cable  (Adapter for Honda airbag reset by OBDII )
10: A4 - Eeprom Adapter Cable   (Used for eeprom programming)
11: A5 - DIP8 Clip Cable   (DIP8 Clip for eeprom programming)
12: A6 - SOIC8 Clip Cable   (SOIC8 Clip for eeprom programming)
13: A7 - MB 38-Pin Cable   (Used with MB Airbag and dashboard software)
14: A8 - BMW 20-Pin Cable (Used with BMW airbag and dashboard software )
15: RNS510 Adapter Cable  (RNS510 radio decoding interface cable )
16: VOLVO FORD CAN 2006+ Cable   (Needed for airbag and dashboard programming)
17: FIAT CAN 2006 Cable   (Needed for airbag and dashboard programming)
18: C1 OBD2 Female Cable
19: USB Cable
20: Power cable
21: CD   (Software V7.28)

by Mr.Michael on Feb 27, 2016
Hi Where is the diference When I buy carprog to 47 euro a 500 euro ??
Replied by Cindy on Feb 28, 2016

Glad to receive your inquiry, but what did you mean by 47 euro and 500 euro, can you explain it in detail?
Looking forward to your reply

Best regards

by Mr.Martin Mendoza on Feb 13, 2016
hi, this version can be modified km VW made in Brazil?
Replied by Cindy on Feb 14, 2016

It does not have area limitation ,but for the function of modified km,you can just have a try

Best regards

by Mr.Roy on Jan 6, 2016
I have a question

I dump the data from Honda 95640 chip.

but when I go to program (flash), verify always failed. But reading works and verify for reading works.

Flashing always fails the same way.

Is my carprog broken?
Replied by Cindy on Jan 6, 2016

Could you please give me a screenshot of this error and I will ask our technician. Our email is

Best regards

by Mr.Allison on Dec 30, 2015
Thanks and Best Regards !
Replied by Cindy on Dec 30, 2015
Hi dear friend
Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely
Best regards
by Mr.xanrdy on Dec 30, 2015
I recomend this product !!!
Replied by Cindy on Dec 30, 2015
Hi dear friend
Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely
Best regards
by romo on Dec 28, 2015
volevo sapere se era aggiornabile il carprog full
Replied by Cindy on Dec 28, 2015
Hi dear friend
Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely
Best regards
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