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[UK/EU Ship] Original Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Master No Token Limitation

[UK/EU Ship] Original Yanhua Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction Master No Token Limitation

  • Item No. CN-SP78

Original Digimaster 3 also is called Digimaster III or shortly D3 works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc.
Support CAS4+ CPU 1N35H read and write function for BMW year after 2014.

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by Mr.Muhammad Siyam on Nov 13, 2020
yes I add a can filter also.
but can't work.
Replied by karen on Nov 15, 2020
Please add me on Whatsapp +86-13995696053 and show me with the error you have for checking, thanks.
by muhammad on Nov 13, 2020
i justement purchase digi master3 token version for millage correction on Mercedes ml350 w166 2013.
but can't work.
he give me error unknown version.
have any suggestions.
Replied by karen on Nov 13, 2020
Hello sir, for Mercedes you will need to open dashboard and add can filter. 
by Mr.Sid on Mar 26, 2020
Does digimaster 3 change 2018 toyota hilux milage
Replied by karen on Mar 26, 2020
Can you please open dashboard and tell us the storage chip, then we can confirm. For Toyota, Digimaster can't directly change mileage via obd. Please kindly be noted.
by nelson lopez on Feb 27, 2020
Hola, actualicé mí digimaster3 recientemente, y ahora no tengo los modelos para Lexus, ke usted cree ke pasó
Replied by karen on Feb 27, 2020
Lexus is included as always in Digimaster software even you update to latest version. Can you please take picture to show yours?
by jang dong , hun on Feb 6, 2020
BMW 2014 F07 GT
Instrument Panel (Can Filter Installation)

Mileage change
Completed the first-23000KM change
On the way back from 29000KM to 23000KM
Can you tell me what the problem is ???
23000-24000-25000-26000-27000-28000-29000 ------
Will automatically recover back to 23000
Replied by karen on Feb 6, 2020
Sorry I'm confused. Are you tryting to change mileage from 29000 to 23000 or the way back?
by Peter Hedström on Aug 19, 2019
Is it possible to do odometer correction for Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2018?
Replied by karen on Aug 19, 2019
Please take picture of your original key and send to, engineer needs to check it first then can confirm.
by Mr.lalo fuentes on May 19, 2019
hola quisiera saber si funciona el Digimaster 3 para cambiar el kilometraje de una ram promaster 2016
Replied by karen on May 19, 2019
Sí, Digimaster 3 puede admitir su automóvil, mientras que no es directamente a través del puerto obd2, tendrá que abrir el tablero y hacer la soldadura.
by Mr.jang.doun.hun on Mar 21, 2019
KIA K2 (MB91F061BS)
KIA Sportage R(MB91F061BS)
I need you to tell me how to do this.

And check to see if it shows up after the update.
I want to know.
Replied by karen on Mar 21, 2019
They are all in the support list, when you find the car type in menu, software will show you diagram in details. Please kindly check. If there is any further doubts, just feel free to contact us please.
by Mr.Tikal on Feb 10, 2019
Does it work for Mercedes ML 350 year 2012,I see your car list have ML but up to what year thanks
Replied by karen on Feb 11, 2019
Digimaster 3 can support Mercedes ML 350 year 2012 mileage correction via obd.
by Elias Maldonado Sanchez on Jul 28, 2018
El Digimaster puede bajar kilometraje a los últimos tableros que tienen micro MB91F061BS o que equipo lo puede hacer? gracias.
Replied by karen on Jul 29, 2018
Digimaster 3 no puede admitir, puede probar Yanhua Mini ACDP con el Módulo 5, incluso no necesita soldadura. Por favor revise el enlace debajo primero
by Mr.Ricky Gallego on Jul 22, 2018
Hi,does the digi master work on latest vw generation Johnson clusters
Replied by karen on Jul 22, 2018
Sorry Digimaster 3 can't work on it.
by Mr. jang dong , hun on Jun 19, 2018
W222 S350- S500

Please update it.
Replied by karen on Jun 19, 2018
We can only wait for the update released from Yanhua, please kindly understand.
by Mr. jang dong , hun on Apr 25, 2018
bmw f10
Even if you change the dashboard km using the d160 adapter
I want to know if there's a problem
I want to know if the cas4 module does not need to change km
Replied by karen on Apr 25, 2018
In cas4 module, you will need to use the Yanhua MB CAN Filter 18 in 1.
by Mr.Alexander on Apr 22, 2018
Hello, which cars will be needed token for the future? what features and how many?
Replied by karen on Apr 22, 2018
Hello Dear,

This is no token limitation version of Digimaster 3. And for the extra 200 tokens for free, it's for you to update for latest cars when there is new version released.

Best regards

by Mr.Giorgio78 on Mar 9, 2018
Buon giorno a tutti...vorrei sapere se funziona sulla Audi A4...A6...modelo anno 2014....2015...per modificare chilometri...grazie
Replied by karen on Mar 11, 2018
Sì, Digimaster3 può supportare, notare che sarà necessario smontare il cruscotto e fare la saldatura, non solo tramite la porta obdii.
by Carmelo on Feb 17, 2018
It woks for a 2015 toyota corolla .i want to reduce millages.
Replied by karen on Feb 23, 2018
Yes Digimaster 3 can change mileage on your 2015 Toyota Corolla.
by Cesar on Feb 17, 2018
Can i correct my millages ..i have a honda civic 2016
Replied by karen on Feb 23, 2018
Yes it can work on your car.
by Mr.andre malek on Nov 17, 2017
Hello,i have lost my mini usb connector wire (purple color one for updating Digi Master 3) i was wondering to know what kind of other wire i can use for update my Digi Master 3.
Replied by karen on Nov 17, 2017
Please show us picture of the cable you want, you can buy another to replace the broken one.
by Mr.Christensen on Nov 6, 2017
I Bought a digimaster of you.
i'm trying to read a cas 3 for bmw e90, and it works fine the first 2 times but now i get a fault
(1e0f)Not find device ?

What can i do ?

Kasper Christensen
Replied by karen on Nov 6, 2017
Please pass us the error picture together with your order number to us, thanks. I will ask Yanhua engineer to check for you.
by Mr.Christensen on Oct 22, 2017
hello I bought a digimaster of you.
I'm trying to code a new key to a bmw e60 from 2008 but i can not communicate with the cas module via can adapter?

best regards
Kasper Christensen
Replied by karen on Oct 22, 2017
Hello Kasper,

May I have your order number on our website first please? And is there any error picture you can provide us for checking when you test BMW E60, 2009?

Best regards

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