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AK500+ Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz With EIS SKC Calculator

AK500+ Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz With EIS SKC Calculator

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New Released AK500+ Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz (before 2009)With EIS SKC Calculator, can read data more quickly and safely, can read and write keys more quickly, and AK500+ is more stable for the functions with key programming and SKC Calculator.

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by Mr.Glen on Sep 4, 2016
Hi I have a 2003 sl500 with a completely busted eis I have a used eis with the matching key . Will this tool program this used eis and key to car ?
Replied by karen on Sep 4, 2016
Hello Friend,

Sorry it can't program used eis.

Best regards

by Mr.Zvi on Feb 25, 2016
what is the latest unit and computer software?

i read eis
calculate with skc
go back to ak500+ and press write key
select infra red
and write
window pop up than closes and i get a new small popup windows displaying the com port used
and that's it!!! nothing happened
any ideas???
Replied by Cindy on Feb 25, 2016

Could you tell me your order number first? And is there any hint of error?please send to  
and I will ask our technician for help

Best regards

by Mr.JB on Jan 28, 2016
I have AK500+ and SKC.
My car is W210 E240 and Key lost and EIS broken. NEC key.
So EIS 1 CPU data is OK but EIS CPU2 data is messed.
So, What sould i do with this case. I'm not professional on this.
So, I bought second hand EIS and key from car junk yard.

Do i need to do same procedure with seconhand key?
Or do i need to restore old EIS data??
Need help on this
Replied by Cindy on Jan 29, 2016

you need use sd c4 program first and then do the keys

Best regards

by Mr.Victor on Jan 7, 2016
Fast delivery. Would do business with you again
Replied by Cindy on Jan 7, 2016
Hi dear friend
Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely
Best regards
by Andrey on Jan 7, 2016
can it do EIZ C220 W204 2008?
Replied by Cindy on Jan 7, 2016
Hi friend

If the eis is nec mcu, it can not do

Best regards

by Mr.omeek salter on Dec 22, 2015
do this devise work on a 2004 E500
Replied by Cindy on Dec 22, 2015

Sorry, can not support,for benz, it can only support 220/W220 "Keyless Go" W208/W210/W220/W203/W215/W230/W209/W219/W211/W230/W215 EEPROM(M95xxx)  

Best regards

by RAMUNAS POCEVICIUS on Oct 1, 2015
can u tell me is the SKC Calculator is limited or unlimited
Replied by karen on Oct 5, 2015
Hi Friend,

Glad to receive your inquiry. Sorry for late reply as we had National Holiday and just back to work.

The SKC Calculator is no token limitation, please be noted.

Best regards

by Mr.miguel on Aug 7, 2015
Hello i want to buy this article but i need to khnow if you have in stock, i already try buying twice withouth exit. Do you have in stock to sell to me?
Tank you
Replied by Jane on Aug 7, 2015
Hello Dear friend
Nice day!
It's in stock. 

Any further question,contact us freely.
Best regards,

by Mr.francisco on Apr 20, 2015
thank you great product fast Shipping thank you
Replied by Miley on Apr 20, 2015
Dear friend

Good day

Thank you for your support on our website, if you have any problem in the near future,pls feel free to contact us again

Best regards

by Mr.Rodney on Apr 20, 2015
great communication excellent product
Replied by Miley on Apr 20, 2015
Dear friend

Good day

Thank you for your support on our website, if you have any problem in the near future,pls feel free to contact us again

Best regards

by Mr.jean house on Mar 12, 2015
Will this tool program Chrysler Crossfire?
Replied by Joyce on Mar 13, 2015
Hello, friend

This AK500 is only programmed for Benz car

Thanks for your support of our website

by Mr.Kenny on Jan 26, 2015
Hello which keys do you recommend to use with this programmer
Replied by Joyce on Jan 26, 2015

Good day
It support the key of Benz year before 2009

Thanks for your support of uobd2
by Mr.Kenny on Dec 7, 2014
Can this tool do w210 and w220, it is important that it works well on these models. I have read that there are issues with this tool on these models
Replied by Betsy on Dec 7, 2014

Good day
What functions do you want to do with this tool for your Car?

by Mr.mana vasinsarunkul on Oct 10, 2014
Good customer service ,works for me
Replied by Betsy on Oct 10, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
Glad to hear that 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.Hwang jaeseung on Aug 24, 2014
I KNOW WANT THAT HOW TO Benz(R or W220) shift module ISM and 722.9 gearbox ECU drive authority;
Replied by Betsy on Aug 24, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 

Checked it can't support 

by Mr.Luis Roamno on Aug 21, 2014
good day.
I need to make a key for Mercedez C180 year 1997.
I wonder what appropriate tool to encode the key to start the car.
Thanks very.
Replied by Betsy on Aug 21, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
That need see your car key 

by Mr.Tim Tracy on Apr 2, 2014
This unit will NOT read the EIS from a 2001 W203. After many tries I am told my soldering is defective by support, even though I can show less than 1/2 ohm resistance between the cable plug and leg of chip. Why does UOBD2 not show a video of anyone reading a MC68HC908 chip? i wouldn't be as angry if they had some tech support, but all they have is sales support.
Replied by Betsy on Apr 3, 2014
Hello Dear :

Our factory have test each chip before send .It can read .
That is not show the video reading chip problem ,that maybe the electric circuit problem or weldering problem .

by Mr.Burim Ibrahimi on Mar 7, 2014
does not work for mercedes benz w220 s class 400 cdi
tried to read EIS motorola chip hc705 1d69j and it did erase the whole chip while trying to read it. now the car wont star and had to pay 500 Euros for the whole set.

I personally do do not recommend this tool to anyone whose looking to make w203 and w220 keys.

This tool works only on E CLASSES w211 up to 2006 ----------EDITED

It does not work on C classes or S classes

Carful and please uobd2 do not delete the reviews. you are going to loose your business by advertising fake tools to your customers.
by Mr.Zoy on Feb 23, 2014
can it be updated?
Replied by karen on Feb 23, 2014
Hi Dear Friend,

Nice day!

Yes it can be updated, when the new version comes out, we will upload online and pass you download link.

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Hadi on Dec 19, 2013
do you have instruction video for this device please ,I'm very interested in it
Replied by karen on Dec 20, 2013
Hi Dear Friend ,

We have instruction video in the CD ,you can just watch the steps and follow it ,any further problems,please feel free to contact me .

Best regards & thanks

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