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Digiprog III Digiprog 3 V4.88 Odometer Programmer with Full Software New Released Multi-languages DP3

Digiprog III Digiprog 3 V4.88 Odometer Programmer with Full Software New Released Multi-languages DP3

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Digiprog 3 Digiprog III V4.88 is the worldwide leader in mileage correction filed.
1.It's a universal odometer programmer which covers more than 10 car makers.
2.With the use of the new DIGIPROG III, the odometer adjustment is a breeze. Intelligent Accessories Are Enclosed
3.No Blue Screen Problem

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by Mr.AMARA on Jul 22, 2013
have the cable for use nec hardware
Replied by Kelly on Jul 22, 2013

Yes,you can refer to this one ono ur website,all the cables that need to work with this mian unit,thank you !


by Mr.Puromenudo on Jul 5, 2013
I would like to know if this device does an come with the software an connectors for gmc sierra 1500 5.3 truck it was not on your list?
Replied by Kelly on Jul 5, 2013
Hi friend 

Sorry ,this mileage correction tool only suit for cars ,not trucks ,thank you !


by Mr.aziz ejjdae on Jun 8, 2013
I'm insterested by your product " digiprog 3". I would like to buy it. But, do provide a user's guide to help me to use it myself for different car types? I would like to have all information about the installation of the product: opening the car, the welding.. (a guide showing all the steps for diferent car types)?
I'm looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Thank you!
by Vladimir Volokhin on Jun 2, 2013
ST01 and ST04, two lines of Digiprog III, does it can be equipped to use with
the machine of Yanhua?
Replied by Angela on Jun 3, 2013
Hi dear friend

NO, yanhua digiprog 3 no these two cables. there is some other board to replace it.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Yakup Tuncer on May 20, 2013
digiprog3 want to get the new version. How do you get?
Replied by karen on May 21, 2013
Dear friend ,

Did you buy it from us before ? Please pass me your order number first .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Nnaemeka on May 17, 2013
please i want to buy digiprog3,but i have few questions for you about the machine. on the list of cars i saw toyota,lexus and lots more... it says via chip and the other via micro and via cluster.. what does it mean please ? is it that it does on-board programming or what. thanks.
Replied by karen on May 20, 2013
Dear friend ,

Thanks for visting our website

When you correct the mileage for your car by Digiprog3 ,you have to tear down the dashboard . And different car models may be a little different in the part for changing ,some via chip ,some via cluster and so on . Please be noted you have to know a little about welding when using this device .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Peter Jones on May 6, 2013
Hi, does your system also work for the Maserati Quattroporte 2007 ? In your list I see only for 2005/2006

Best regards
Replied by karen on May 7, 2013
Dear Peter ,

Thanks for visiting our website .

Our Digiprog 3 can't do your Maserati 2007 ,you may see our Digimaster 3 with the link .

Also I'd like to remind you , mileage correction always require you to know a little welding ,or we don't recommend you to do it yourself .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.vinod PUSRAM on Apr 12, 2013
can i have your best price for this unit in guandong.can you send me a videodemonstration how your unit works. thanks
Replied by karen on Apr 12, 2013
Dear friend ,

Thanks for visiting our website !

I can offer you 6% discount ,and it's the best I can do . We have the operation video about this product on our website ,you can check it .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.A. chehadeh on Apr 7, 2013
Do you do the diagnostic through the OBD connector only?
I bought before a Tacho Pro and u still have not sent me the main unit.
I'm interested in getting the DigiProg3 including all the equipment if you promise you will send me all the components.
Thank you
Replied by karen on Apr 8, 2013
Dear friend ,

Wish a nice day to you !

1. About the Tacho Pro ,I do not quite understand you . Did you send it back for repairing ,or we miss sending you some parts ?
2. We can not only do OBD connector,but also OBDII ,VAG ,CAN ,CANBUS etc
3. About the DigProg 3,package including :One unit of Main interface,One unit of OBD2 cable,many units of adaptors and cables . Of course ,we'll send all the components along to you .

Waiting for your further confirmation !

Best regards & thanks


by Mr.ZOUREG DJAMAL on Apr 7, 2013
SA RESTE SUR IMAGE CAR DIAGNOSTIQUE TESTER et ne bouge plus reçu le 04.04.2013
Replied by karen on Apr 7, 2013
Cher ami,
Souhaite une bonne journée à vous!
Puis-je avoir vos questions en détail, car je ne vous comprends pas bien. Avez-vous acheté des produits sur notre site web faisait avant, dans l'affirmative, s'il vous plaît, passez-moi votre numéro de commande. Alors je peux vous répondre de façon plus efficace.
Cordialement et merci
by Mr.Moamed abidy on Mar 20, 2013
hello, I want to know if this machine can change kms the car?
Replied #1. by Kelly on Mar 21, 2013
Hi dear friend 

Good day !

Yes ,it can ,thank you !


Replied #2. by Kelly on Mar 21, 2013
My friend 

I am sorry ,for your question as above ,the right answer should be not ,this product is just mean to see how far your car has driven through ,thank you !


by Ms.Mohamed abidy on Mar 20, 2013
hello, I want to know if this machine can change kms the car?
by Rafal on Mar 11, 2013
Welcome in my diagnostic threshold did a blue screen and nothing raguje on what I can do
Replied by sunny on Mar 11, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

Pls send your order number and error screen shot to

Best regards
by Mr.ian cowan on Jan 22, 2013
can you do a trade price i am a merchanic in new zealand.if its a good product there will be more orders from other merchanics i know.thanks Ian.
by Mr.Sandor on Jan 18, 2013
Hey Lads
I am planning to buy a DigiProg 3 from you with the lates software. Just a couple of question before. Do you have a manual guide for, which cable is for which car. Do you have any layout to where to plug the cable into the instrument cluster, What is happen if I plug in to the wrong socket on the odomete cluster? Do you have any list of cars, where are located the OBD2 sockets?
Can you answer via email please.Thank You
Best regards
Replied by sunny on Jan 18, 2013
Hello,dear friend

We have instruction inside the package ,if you plug the wrong socket ,nothing will happen,

We have  the car list on our description,you can check.

Best regards
by Mr.dillon on Jan 16, 2013
Can this Digiprog3 with version V4.82 be upgraded to V4.88 the and how much will this cost ? I received some advise that this is a generic product and it can not be updated at a later stage as new software becomes available - Please advise
Replied by sunny on Jan 16, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

We only have V4.82version,

Best regards
by Mr.Andreas Carlsson on Jan 16, 2013

Just so everyone knows... This product can not do all the cars in the list, because all the cabels that you need are not included!
by Mr.Andreas Carlsson on Jan 15, 2013

I know it´s it no pictrure of cable 51 and HC-12, but when you use it for BMW the DigiProg says "Use cable 51" or Use cable HC-12".
Replied by sunny on Jan 15, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

Sorry, There are not these cables ,that means this tool can'lt work on your car .

Best regards
by Mr.Andreas Carlsson on Jan 14, 2013

Can you send me pictures of cable 51 and HC-12? I don´t know wich cable it is :(
Replied by sunny on Jan 14, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

I checked the picture inside the description, there isn't cab;e 51 or HC-12,I only see cable 50-2

You can check all the pictures
Best regards
by Mr.Sead Hodzic on Jan 1, 2013
Hello my name is Sead and I come from Sweden.
I are interested in: Hottest Digiprog III Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer with Full Software New Release for U.S. $ 369.99

I have a few questions regarding this product.

1 How long is the warranty on your product?

2 What will be the full amount with shipping to my home? I pay with PayPal.

3 Can you write the sum of the package? Otherwise, do pay much customs charge for the amount it will be almost double for me. Of course I do pay full price for you, but you write on the package that the value is 90 usd .. Can you do that?

4 How long is the delivery?

Have a good day

Sead Hodzic
Replied by sunny on Jan 1, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

1. one year warranty
2.shipping cost 88USD,Total is 457.99USD by DHL to Sweden.
3.We can write 90 USD on the invoice to customs.
4.3-5 working days by DHL.

Best regards
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