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Fiat ECU Scan V2.8 Newest Version ECU Chip Tuning Tool

Fiat ECU Scan V2.8 Newest Version ECU Chip Tuning Tool

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1.Hardware only bundle for Fiat ECU Scan software,compatible fully with fiateucscan.
2. there's no need to modify your interfaces.
3.A laptop or PC running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 with a USB port

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by joaquim fernandes on Oct 6, 2014
hello this is nºU214070267483 BUY
Replied by Betsy on Oct 7, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
So could you take the error picture to us 
Also may i know which car model you test and the car model year 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by joaquim fernandes on Sep 30, 2014
good afternoon I bought this stuff, nothing works; more after 20 minutes off
I do not think right

greetings, JNeves
Replied by Angela on Oct 6, 2014
Hi dear friend

Can you tell me your order number? and can you tell me what car you tested? what year for your car?

Best regards

by Mr.william on Sep 10, 2014
Something like Proxy Alignment? bsi and instrument?
Replied by Betsy on Sep 11, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
We dont  have the instrucment ,in our cd will have 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.JNeves on Jul 28, 2014
hello good afternoon
today I received the order but the cd is blank so I have to load Fiat softwere
I hope to get a resolution of this case

Greetings JNeves
Replied by Betsy on Jul 28, 2014
Hello Dear 

Sorry to hear that 
This link is the software ,pls download

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by vanderlei on Dec 1, 2013
ola ele e compativo com EDI fiat de conseçionaria
Replied by Kelly on Dec 1, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

This is mainly a ECU programmer and there is car list on our websire for your refereence,thank you!


by Mr.Emanuele on Sep 6, 2013
there is a program that works and reads obd km and change the value ?
Replied by Kelly on Sep 8, 2013
Hi friend 

Yes,we have,you can refer to belwo three tiems on our website,thank you!

Digimaster 3(SP78)
Digiprog 3(SM33,SM33-B)
Tacho Pro 2008(SM21-B)

by Mr.emanuele on Sep 5, 2013
with fiat car ecuscan I can read and change the value of km. Thank you.
Replied by Kelly on Sep 5, 2013
Hi friend 

Sorry,this is mainly an ECU programmer,can't do mileage correction for you,you can refer to digimaster iii ,digiprog iiii or tacho pro mileage programmer on our website,thank you!


by Mr.carlos on Jul 4, 2013
hi,i'd like to know which year of Fiat it can do ,thanks
Replied by Kelly on Jul 4, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

It can work with Fiat from 1985-2010,thank you !


by Mr.Giuseppe on Jun 26, 2013
is compatible with multiecuscan
Replied by Vivi on Jun 27, 2013
I have not quite got your problem. Fiat ECU SCAN works for Fiat.
by Mark Sinner on Jan 20, 2012

Can I buy adapters only?

Replied by Juliana on Jan 31, 2012
Dear friend
Which adapter you want buy alone?
Thank you and best regards!
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