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HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO For BMW Before 2006

HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO For BMW Before 2006

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HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO For BMW combines the function of Hitag-2 programmer and BMW scanner 2.01 in one unit,BMW HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO can be used to program key for BMW CAS1 and to diagnose BMW cars models.

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by Hory on Feb 4, 2015
Can i run it on my win 7 system?
Replied by Joyce on Feb 4, 2015
Hello, friend

Good day
this tool can be only run on Win XP, please note it

Thanks for your support of uobd2
by Mr.luis esteban on Dec 4, 2014
saludos ,estoy interesado en comprar varios programadores de llaves y le pregunto por este si puede programar las llaves de bmw e46 sistema ews año 2003 y cual mini ,gracias o cual me recomienda ,espero pronta respuesta.
Replied by Betsy on Dec 4, 2014

Good day
If your car is CAS1 system, you can try to program key with this product, if not, can not use this tool

Best regards
by Mr.Locksmith alex on Aug 29, 2013
I no have key for my bmw 1998 series 3 this programmer when you need programmer 1 new key this tool programmer 1 key O whats scanner you RECOMIEN
Replied by Kelly on Aug 29, 2013
Hi friend 

You can refer to AK90 or AK300 key programmer on our website,this is a professinoal key programmer only for BMW,please kindly note,thank you!

by Mr.TREVOR on Jul 24, 2013
Replied by Kelly on Jul 25, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Sorry,but you can refer to this one on our website ,it is a professional key programmer ONLY for BMW

BMW CAS AK300 Key Maker

f any question,please kindly advise back,thank you!


by Mr.TREVOR MAWOKO on Jul 24, 2013
by Mr.Nadir on Dec 20, 2012
hello, can you use this device to program the ews system inside the car, and not just read the keys... i want to control the ews in the car itself....

please help...
Replied by sunny on Dec 20, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

This tool just can program cas system.

Best regards
by Mr.Nasar on Jun 25, 2012
Can I use this to programme Bmw 3 series 2004 model?
Replied by Juliana on Jun 25, 2012
Dear friend
Your 2004 year bmw 3 series is BMW EWS or BMW CAS?
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.mazen on May 20, 2012
Hi dear Jessica.I purchased the machine two weeks ago and was shipped to me and received but could not find a manual instructions and method of usage and also I have a question can I burn key is not new, and how can I modify odometer bmw e66 and thankyou
Replied by Angela on May 20, 2012
Hi dear friend

This tool can not be used to modify milegage for cars. And it just can do cars for BMW CAS1 System, you need to confirm if your car is this system or not.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.Gustavo rosado on Mar 29, 2012
This sistem its a good item and work for all bmw
Replied by Catherine on Mar 30, 2012
Hello ,sir, very nice you like our product, hoping we can cooperate next time.

Tank you and best wishes.

by Mr.blair on Feb 5, 2012
can this unit program CAS2 through OBDII ?
Replied by Angela on Feb 5, 2012
Hi dear friend

How are you?

BMW HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO just can do CAS1, can not do CAS2.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.paul war on Jan 11, 2012
hi will this device allow me to re-program a used key from another bmw vehicle same model/year when all other key's are lost. and will it require the use of a laptop
by Mr.hafid on Jan 6, 2012
puedo programar llaves con control remoto con solo conectar al obd la interface en todos los modelos cas1 cas 2 cas 3 mini cas? con solo conectarlo al obd sin necesidad de usar otro aparato
by Tim Tracy on Dec 28, 2011
would this be able to match a new key to a 2006 BMW Z4?
Replied by Juliana on Dec 29, 2011
Dear friend
Did you lost all keys or you have one key just want to add a new key?It support 2002-2009 year bmw car, but only cas1 can make key through obd2.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.luk terry on Nov 24, 2011
good day ..
bmw hit allows you to add a key by OBD2 socket? without connectivity to a laptop?
Replied by jessica on Nov 24, 2011
dear friend,

how are you?

when you use this device, you must link to computer, it is necessary!

any problem please contact me!


by Mr.linas jankauskas on Oct 9, 2011
I am interested in buying your tool. BMW HIT+2.01 CAS1 PRO. item nr. SK84.
Can it directly make the key without using a computer or laptop?
Just plug device into OBDII to precode and automaticly program the Key?
If it is not what I was looking, could you please recommend me something?
Thanks and looking forward to a response.

Replied by angela on Oct 9, 2011
Hi dear Mr Linas

How are you?

You need to use it with a computer or laptop, you need to install the software on the computer.

You can not program keys automatically with this tool, you need to connect the car via obd2 cable first, then get the CAS1 information with BMW HIT pro, and then program keys with hitag2 prgrammer.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.luk terry on Sep 25, 2011
I might want to buy a BMW HIT PRO 2.01 CAS1.
whether the computer needs to add the key?
when I have no key to the car I can add a new key for OBD2?
waiting for reply ... greetings
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