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MB IR Plus Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz Before 2009

MB IR Plus Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz Before 2009

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MB IR Plus can be used to program new blank key with BIN file which is generated by using dump modify software without any dissolder of key MCU.

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by Mr.Gramoz Ramollari on Aug 23, 2018
Please what also I have to buy to renew an old key used to another ca of the same model
Please let me to know
Replied by Lynn on Aug 23, 2018
what the key model do you want to renew?
by Tim Tracy on Feb 22, 2017
This is a PROGRAMMER... To all the people asking if they can copy there old key to a new key, NO... You will never be able to copy a Mercedes DAS3 key to another... What you need to do is get the info from the EIS Electronic Ignition Switch.. Once you have the bin file from the EIS, you run it thru a program that calculates the bin files that you then write to the key.. Each key has it's own bin file... The AK500 and the calculator program are for sale elsewhere on this site... If you think you are going to make a Mercedes DAS3 for $170.00 plus a key... Come back to reality.... And for reusing used keys.. good luck.. I have only been able to use ver 51 and ver 57.. That said, this is probably the best DAS3 Key PROGRAMMER for the money...
Replied by karen on Feb 22, 2017
Hello Friend,

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciated that.

Best regards

by Mr.Caldwell on Jul 19, 2016
highly recommended,thanks alot
Replied by Cindy on Jul 19, 2016
Hi dear friend

Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely

Best regards

by tannis on Jul 19, 2016

This is extremely stable and exactly what i was looking for
Replied by Cindy on Jul 19, 2016
Hi dear friend

Thanks for your support and welcome to visit our website again.Any problem,contact me freely

Best regards

by Mr.Mil on Jun 30, 2016
Hi, can this make IR key on mercedes B W245 y2006 if have used key (there will make renew) and can this make working key from EIS dump readed with xprog/rosfar ? I will not need any SKC calculator any any other diagnostic tool.
Replied by karen on Jun 30, 2016
Hello Friend,

Nice day.

There is no detailed car list ofr this device, it will depend on the EIS model of your car and the look of the original key. If  MB IR Plus can support the EIS model of your key, and your present key is renewable too, then can renew it. But it can't write keys from EIS dump. 

by Mr.V Ng on Dec 12, 2015
I have S500 2004.

(1) I bought an IR Benz programmer, and try to run this utility DumpR.exe.
It requires a passcode to activate this utility.
Can you help ?

(2) Which tool can read and create the bin file so it can be programmed into the "Renew" key ?

(3) Can any tool can read the bin without disassemble the EIS ?

Replied by karen on Dec 13, 2015
Hello Friend,

Can you please pass me your order number on our website first?

And please take screenshot to show me what password it required.

Best regards

by Mr.tuda on Oct 29, 2015
can you program benz key with this tool all key lost
Replied by karen on Oct 29, 2015
Hello Friend,

MB IR Plus is used to write key information into blank keys. So you need to get the key data yourself then can use it to write. Doesn't matter it's all key lost situation or you have spare keys.

Best regards

by Mr.Fuentes on Apr 5, 2015
Hi,pleace i need return item no work,my money back .the item its ship!
Replied by Joyce on Apr 6, 2015
Hello, dear friend

Good day
Let me know your order number, and more details for the item no work pls

Thanks for your support of uobd2
by Mr.Kenny on Jan 26, 2015
Hello which key's do you recommend to use with this programmer, thanks
Replied by Joyce on Jan 26, 2015

Good day
It Support Smart Key of Benz car year before 2009 .

Thanks for your support of uobd2

by Mr.Kenny Tighe on Nov 15, 2014
I like this tool what else do I need to buy so I can make Benz key e.g. programmer.
If I have a working key can clone it Without having to retrieve data from eis
Replied by Betsy on Nov 16, 2014
HellO Dear 

Thanks for visit 
For this tool clone it need have the data from eis 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.Frank Korn on Oct 22, 2014

I have a MB IR Plus QC41010-061 and have a key renew the state. How do I get the data from the old key to the bare key?
The program Dump.exe? Here the license is missing. What is the easiest way?
Best Regards
Replied by Betsy on Oct 23, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
Sorry this tool have no concern about the old key data 
So can't get the data fromj the old key 
If you want use the old the key ,you should erase the old key date 

Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.adi on Feb 7, 2014
Can it READ, SAVE and WRITE key data ?
Replied by Kelly on Feb 7, 2014
Hi friend 

Good day!

yes,It  is available programming all smart key model for all years models support all data lost key adaptation, but need to have programmers to get datas from car side,thank you!


by Mr.Hussain on Sep 9, 2013
Can we programming the new type key 2011 by this device??
If i have the key data
Be sure i mean the orginal remote
Replied by Kelly on Sep 9, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

You want this tool to program keyds for your Benz?if yes,that will be suitable for you and please kindly note the type it supported descripted on our website,thank you!


by Mr.Guerreiro on Sep 9, 2013
can it program CLK keys without other tool together?
Replied by Stacy on Sep 9, 2013
Dear sir

Good day

I am sorry, without other tool's help. this MB IR Plus can not program keys alone 

by Mr.bledar on Aug 26, 2013
hello i am iterested for product you please ,the need more info programer key
Replied by Kelly on Aug 26, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day !

There is a technical support on our website here
 ,please check,a user manual and steps for programming keys all included,thank you!


by Mr.Jorge on Jul 5, 2013
can this tool copy keys for MB,which year range can it do please
Replied by Kelly on Jul 5, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Yes ,it can programm keys for MB till 2011,thank you !


by Mr.ikobasi on Mar 1, 2013
Good day. Pls can I get keyprogrammer that can work benz from w202 up to. Not ak500pro thank u
Replied by sunny on Mar 1, 2013
Hello,dear friend

We only have the ak500pro can work on benz from W202 up.

Best regards
by Mr.Jamal on Dec 29, 2012
Dear company I would like to know were is this key programmer made in ?
Replied by sunny on Jan 1, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

It is made in China .

Best regards
by Mr.chawalit mungwngklang on Nov 3, 2012
MB IR PLUS Key Programmer for Mercedes Benz Weekly Special.i do not understand.can copy benz smart to do
by Mr.kelven on Aug 13, 2011
does this tools need to remove the epprom from pcb ?
Replied by angela on Aug 13, 2011
Hi dear Mr Kelven

How are you?

We don't work on weekend, after i check it with my engineer next monday, i will reply you.

Thank you and best regards

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