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Xhorse KM+IMMO Tool  For VAG By OBD2 V1.8.2 Latest Version With Multi languages

Xhorse KM+IMMO Tool For VAG By OBD2 V1.8.2 Latest Version With Multi languages

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Xhorse KM+IMMO tool for VAG by OBD2
It supports odometer correction, PIN code read, EEPROM read/write with VAG KM+IMMO tool by OBD2.
Can program Volkswagen ,seat and Skoda cars from year 2006.06 by OBDII diagnostic.

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by Mr. Zoran Petrovic on Jan 13, 2020
Do you have more this product??
I will order now 1 item
If dont have ,when you have again??
Replied by karen on Jan 13, 2020
Sorry it won't be in stock anymore.
by Mr.Zoran on Jan 4, 2020
I am intrested for this product
But can you expalin me what is mine
Item code .. and can i and how can get item SM39?
Replied #1. by karen on Jan 8, 2020
SM39 stopped production, can't order anymore.
Replied #2. by karen on Jan 12, 2020
Both SV32 and SM39 stopped production, no stock anymore. So please check and find other items interested.
by Mr.Rodolfo Arriazu on Oct 23, 2015
I need download software Horse vag km+immo
Please send me
Replied by karen on Oct 25, 2015

May I have your order number on our website first please?

Best regards

by Demetri on Jul 8, 2015
What is the best way to find out the dashboard type? Can I find this out using a OBDII reader? I have an OBDII reader.
Replied by Allison on Jul 8, 2015

Dear friend:

Sometimes, it is car model decide the type of  the dashboard, so could you pls tell us what is the model of your car?And what's the function of your OBDII reader? 

Best regards


by Demetri on Jul 7, 2015
Does this support Jetta TDI 2012 MK6?

If not, which device does?
Replied by Jane on Jul 8, 2015
Hi Friend,
It depends on the dashbard model of your car. If it's ucdc32xx,A3,TT,CDC3217, or NEC 95320, means it can support your car free. While if your car is  24C32 or ,NEC24C64, will need to pay to work on it. 
For other models, can't support. Hope it's clear for you.
Best regards
by Mr.Carlos Orta on Apr 8, 2015
Hi dear, excuseme i buy the Vag Km+inmo+vin Tool v1.82 in 2012 but the software installation disk was damaged. Could give me a link to download the software.
Replied by Joyce on Apr 8, 2015
Hello, dear friend

Good day
Here is the download link http://www.chinaautodiag.com/html/vag-km-immo-tool-software-free-download-355.html

by Mr.ionu on Aug 3, 2014
I'm interested in the interface, i need a miles correction at VW Golf 6 (MM5 DASH) - 2011 with NEC and 24C32 , this intrface can do? or I need something else? tnk
Replied by Betsy on Aug 3, 2014
Hello Dear 

Thanks for visit 
It can support 

Any quetions,feel free to contact us 

by Alex ramirez on Jul 25, 2014
How to get authorizations for A5, Q5, A4 for years 08+?
This would be for the BCM2 system that is in Audio 08+ correct?
Is everything done thru obd?
Do you have a detailed how-to instructions?
Really interested in doing these audi keys.
Thank you
Replied by Betsy on Jul 25, 2014
Helllo Dear 

Thanks for visit 
So may i know the detailed car model and year you want to do 
Our website has the maunel ,you can download and see 

This is for change km tool 


by Mr.Илья Корюков on Apr 22, 2014
when the next update is planned?
V1.8.3 or another version
Replied by Betsy on Apr 22, 2014
Hello Dear :

So sorry that we don't know the update version .

by Mr.Илья Корюков on Apr 22, 2014
when the next update is planned
Replied by Betsy on Apr 22, 2014
hello Dear :

Thanks for visit 
If update ,we will inform in our website 
You can notice our website for this product 

by Mr.Илья Корюков on Apr 19, 2014
Добрый день!
я из России г. Екатеринбург.
если заказать у вас VAG KM+IMMO Tool By OBD2 V1.8.2 Latest Version US 499.99 $ , в нем уже будут активированы блоки :
Moto MM7
A5,Q5,A4 08+
NEC 95320
или придется покупать что то отдельно ?
после покупки VAG KM+IMMO Tool By OBD2 V1.8.2 Latest Version US 499.99 $
обновления ПО будут бесплатными и какое время?
очень мало информации о товаре , хотелось бы подробнее -комплект поставки , какие возможности прибора , какие условия для обновления программного обеспечения?????

Replied by Betsy on Apr 22, 2014
Hello Dear :

Thanks for visit 
we'll authorize RB8 for free to customers who has purchased CDC32 & Moto & NEC24c32 modules.If follow 3 items are all "Yes" in your "Device Info", you'll get RB8 authorization for free.
CDC32xx : Yes
Moto MM7 (Golf6,Tiguan) : Yes
NEC24C32 : Yes
For this tool is update online 
Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.Nobody on Feb 24, 2014
Can this tool correct the mileage on a 2011 VW Jetta and a 2014 VW Tiguan?


Replied by karen on Feb 24, 2014
Hi Dear Friend,

Nice day!

You can try on 2011 VW Jetta, but it can't do the latest year 2014.

Best regards & thanks

by Anthony on Feb 22, 2014
I have this tool from you, the PIN read from Bosch RB8 dashboard does not work to login to dashboard, what is the problem?
Replied by karen on Feb 24, 2014
Hi Dear Friend,

Nice day!

May I have your order number please? And kindly show us the process how you handle it,ok? I will ask engineer to help you solve it.

Best regards & thanks

by weza on Feb 10, 2014
do u have any tools for VW GOLF MK7 NEC35XX DASH..
Replied by karen on Feb 12, 2014
Hi Dear Friend ,

Nice day !

May I know the funtion you want to do for VW GOLF MK7 NEC35XX DASH ? To do the diagnosis or mileage programmer or others ?

Kindly let me the precise function you want ,then I can suggest you the right device .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Alexander Prosvirnin on Oct 25, 2013
Сайт x-horses.com закрыт, обновлений для этого шнурка больше не будет, техподдержки тоже не будет. Не рекомендую покупать.
Replied by Kelly on Oct 25, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Please check there is tech support on our website here to guide you how to update http://www.UOBDII.com/wholesale/vag-km-immo-tool-by-obd2.html also if you have any problem,we can help remote control for you,thank you!


by Mr.sidinei camargo on Oct 15, 2013
Replied by Kelly on Oct 15, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

This tool is of high quality and if you do not like this one,you can slo refer to FVDI which can do mileage corrction and key programming too and it is of high support ono ur website,thank you!


by Олег on Aug 11, 2013
Если я куплю у вас VAG KM + IMMO инструмент OBD2 последней версии v1.8.2, в нем уже будет активирована программа для NEC24c64 ? Или за программу для NEC24c64 нужно заплатить отдельно?
Replied by Kelly on Aug 12, 2013
Hi friend 

On condition that you need have a  NEC24c64 at hand and you can use this tool to work with your  NEC24c64,thank you!


by Chris k on Jul 28, 2013
I bought vag km+immo tool and it doesn't work for me on 2011 cc with nec d70f3426. Part # 3c8920980m what am I doing wrong?
Replied by Kelly on Jul 28, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Please show me that picture to my e-mail box sales@uobd2.com and advise back your ocar module and the productino year of your car,we will check ti for you,thank you!


by Mr.Joe on Jul 3, 2013

Can I use this tool to change the kms on my odometer ?
My car is a Passat 2007, 3.6 fwd

Thank you
Replied by Kelly on Jul 3, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

Yes ,it can work with your car ,thank you !


by Paul Pantsourakis on May 24, 2013
Hello. Can you tell me please if with Vag km+immo tool i can programm car key for Scoda Octavia 5 2009 year? Also i have original zed bull.Thanks in advance
Replied by karen on May 25, 2013
Dear friend ,

For Scoda 2009 year ,i recommend you with T300+ with Item No.SK109 . You may check first .

Best regards & thanks

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