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Inline 5 Insite 7.62  For Cummins With Multi Languages

Inline 5 Insite 7.62 For Cummins With Multi Languages

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Inline 5 Insite 7.62 For Cummins With Multi Languages
1.It is a PC-based software application that provides quick and easy access to your engine's electronic performance information,
2. it helps to ensure accurate procedures and diagnosis and limit downtime, while increasing productivity and profits. 3.Multi languages and Basic, LITE, RSGR and Pro four functional levels supported.

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by Dave Weyrauch on May 12, 2013
Is there any way to us this with windows XP? Also how many computers can I set this up on? We have 4 in our shop right now.
Dave W
Replied by karen on May 17, 2013
Dear Dave ,

Sorry our Item No.SH06 can only fit with Win7 operating system . And it's also easy to change system for you pc actually .

Best regards & thanks


by Mr.willer orozco on Apr 6, 2013
Ms. Juliana buenos días
Quisiera que me haga un favor de cotizar el DB25F/9-pin data link cable y si lo venden solo cuanto cuesta.
Muchas gracias espero respuesta
Replied by Juliana on Apr 8, 2013
Hi,dear friend
The third cable, which one you mean?The first, second or third?
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.antonio on Mar 21, 2013
please is licebce for use this program valid for same time
Replied by Kelly on Mar 21, 2013
Hi dear friend 

Good day !

What do you mean by " licebce "?This item is just valid when doing one vehicle & no more ,thank you !


by Mr.Fazekas on Jan 15, 2013
Hi I have some questions:

1. Is the device suitable for the checking of 6 cylinder Cummins ISLE4 engines that are installed in KING LONG buses?
2. For the installation of the device (using of the device) is it necessarily needed to register at Cummins or to pay fee for the use?
3, Is it needed to pay any other amounts by any titles after the purchase of the device or by purchasing the device we get entitlement for indefinite period of time?

Best Regards Mr. Fazekas
Replied by sunny on Jan 15, 2013
Hello,dear friend,

1.may not sutiable for that engines,but your can have a  try

2.No need to pay other fee,you just need give us your PC ID ,then we give you the code

3.No need pay

Best regards
by Mr.Andrei on Dec 23, 2012
Hi, it works as VCADS inerface?

Replied by sunny on Dec 23, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

Yes ,but it need active first .

Best regards
by Mr.akin simsek on Aug 2, 2012

Insite 7.5 Cummins INLINE 5
We demand a price quote for this device, 20

We want to make the continuous
cd and promotional catalog update request also
We ask you to provide immediate notice

best regards



tel: +90 216 4208652
fax: +90 216 4208654
gsm: +90 532 7813713
by willia on Jul 28, 2012
How much the two products?
The inline 5 that you're viewing has Portuguese language?
If I negotiate with possiubilidade you have to put you on the invoice only half the sale price to decrease the clearing inposto I here pay here in Brazil and 80% of the purchase price.

I comcluir this purchase as soon as possible.
Replied by sunny on Jul 29, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

Yes, there is Portuguese languange.
We can write half  price on the invoice,there is no problems.

by Mr.alex bogush on May 12, 2012
is pro version?
is this unit capable of reprogram or reflash ecm for isx cummins ?
Thanks alex
Replied by Juliana on May 14, 2012
This tool can used to do programming.
Best regards!
by Mr.Marko Hyvönen on Apr 3, 2012
Hello Dear Lynn

I looked at the video. I have done as the video explains. I still have the same problem.
When I re-started the computer and I open the program, Cummins Insite program asks for registration code. Code should not be on the screen like a video. What can I do? Has the program been damaged, or do I delete a file that Windows XP is a deposit?

Best Regards Marko Hyvönen

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Lähetetty: 2. huhtikuuta 2012 3:40
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for Marko Hyvönen Apr 1, 2012

Dear Marko Hyvönen.

New Product Review's Reply
Lynn (Webmaster) 1, 2012 5:40:09 PM
Hi, dear friend
Please click to watch video, the video shows how to setup/install cummins inline5 insite is especially helpful for those who have problem with registration.

Thanks and best regards!

Master Document
Marko Hyvönen 31, 2012 5:05:03 AM

Did I do the installation of a program error when I installed Cummins Insite ? I have fully install cummins inside 7.5 software.Software requires password to run insite 7.5. My computer ID is : 1091B326
Can you tell me password.
Best Regards Marko Hyvönen Finland

Best Regards,
Note: This is an automatically generated Delivery Notification. Please do not reply this message.For more information, please click our website:

Replied by Angela on Apr 3, 2012
Hi dear friend

How are you?

Can you tell me your order number? we don't have co-worker who named Lynn.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.carlito on Feb 23, 2012
quero saber como consigo a senha de ativaçao do inline com liberaçao total
Replied by Juliana on Feb 23, 2012
Dear friend
Sorry for mistake, this 7.5 software need active, we will active it online for you.
Thank you and best regards!
by Earl Kennedy on Feb 21, 2012
are u able to use this devise to up ur hp and reprogram ur ecm
Replied by yangting on Feb 21, 2012
Hello dear Earl Kennedy:

thanks for your message, i can not totally understand your meaning. could you please explain it for me? i will ask for idears from our engeneer and give you a reply.

best regards and sincerely yours Eimy
by Mr.carlito on Feb 18, 2012
quero saber o valor do cumins inline 5 com transporte mas tarifa da alfandega para o brasil na moeda real nao em dolar
Replied by Juliana on Feb 19, 2012
Dear friend
I also do not know how much is the tax, if you do not want pay high tax,can choose ship by EMS.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.marcelo on Feb 7, 2012
cumminns insite five Spanish or Portuguese.
Replied by Juliana on Feb 7, 2012
Dear friend
I checked again,software has spanish and also portuguese.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.marcelo on Feb 7, 2012
Good afternoon, could tell me if you have Spanish or portugues.obrigado
Replied by Juliana on Feb 7, 2012
Software has English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russia, Hungarian, Dutch, Germany, French, Polish and so on.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.Gleb Nazarenko on Feb 1, 2012
Inline not working. All LED is lighting and devise not connected to track. 5-7 time lighting only power LED and connect is good. A now not working all time.
Replied by Juliana on Feb 1, 2012
Dear friend
Could you give me your order number?Please make a video of your problem, i will send to techinical engineer.
Thank you and best regards!
by Lorivan on Jan 4, 2012
Good evening my friends.

I want to buy the inline five of you but I need to take some questions before feichar the business.

Can you tell me which engine models of Cummins engine makes this diagnosis.

The payment is to a lower value you put on the tax invoice to be more down here n Brazil?
Replied by Juliana on Jan 4, 2012
Dear friend
As long as your engine is cummins engine,then it can do.If you mean detail vehicle list,it may do not have.But if yours is cummins engine,then can use this one to do diagnose.We can do a low value, you can inform us when you pay for it about how much you want us put on the invoice.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.mark on Dec 15, 2011
Dear sirs,
I am interestesd in this item, Would you inform me if we can use your product on Cummins engines: QSX15 and QSB?
Best regards,

by Buda on Dec 6, 2011
Good morning!
I have enterece of buying the kit inline 5 of the cummins don't know the purchase norms for that site goastaria of being explained on some doubt.

Quatos days it takes to arrive to the brasil.
Which the payment form.
All is the merchandise with freight through DHL for my ZIP CODE -78 600 000
I have to pay inposto here in the retreat or you it includes in the value of the product.
Which the safety that I have which the warranty that you are a wmpresa would be.
You can inform other customers of the brasil that already buy with you

My e-mail for contact:

Desdejá thank for the attention
Replied by Juliana on Dec 6, 2011
Dear friend
Our payment methods including paypal,western union and bank transfer. If you do not want pay much tax,you can choose ship by EMS, this way maybe better for item to arrive you. we provide warrenty one year.
If you have any questions,please feel free to ask me.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.R on Nov 30, 2011
Hello ,I want to ask some question about this tool and CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter
can I perform calibbration using the scanners or do I need a license or special key to do any change in the engine?
by Mr.chicon on Nov 9, 2011
estoy interesado en comprar el inside para motores cummin s y tambien el de fiat iveco daily common rail ... gracias
Replied by angela on Nov 10, 2011
Hi dear friend

How are you?

If you need this tool, you can place an order on our website.

Any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and best regards

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