V3.9.9.6 CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices Release

CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS 

CG-100 V3.9.9.6 Update Information:

1. Add support chip:
NEC R7F701A223
Fujitsu MB91F061S
Fujitsu MB91F062BS
2. Add Airbag support model:
DongFeng SPC560P40L1 Series
DongFeng U04100J-G0106
DongFeng U04100J-G0112
DongFeng U410010J-D0203
DongFeng U410010J-D0204
DongFeng U410010J-F0101
DongFeng U410010J-F0300
DongFeng U410010J-F0500
DongFeng U410010J-G0111
Toyota 89170-02L30 (mode 2) 
Toyota 89170-06480
Toyota 89170-0DA30
Toyota 89170-0G030
Toyota 89170-42830
Toyota 89170-53680
Toyota 89170-60C10
Toyota 89170-60C50
Buick 26670439
Buick 26670494
BMW 6577-9266328-01
Hanteng X7-J3858458-3658010001-B15
Volvo P31429510
Haima SB32-57-K30
Hyundai KX7 95910-C0100
Hyundai 95910-C9900
Hyundai 95910-C0100 
Ford C1BT-14B321-FD
Ford EB3T-14B321-BE
Ford EB3T-14B321-FG
Ford FL3T-14B321-BA
Ford GK29-14B321-BC
Luxgen S3 28556-LA170
Great Wall 3658110XKY28A
Great Wall 3658110XKZ1DA
Great Wall SPC560P40L1 Series
Chevrolet D70F3548 Series
Renault 639738300
Mazda BRE7-57K30
Mazda KD5H-57K30
3.The following airbag models add or update repair data:
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AC
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AD
Jaguar CX23-14D374-AE
Ford AB39-14B321-AG
Ford AL34-14B321-FA
Ford BL34-14B321-FA
Ford BL34-14B321-FB
Ford BR33-14B321-AF
Ford BT43-14B321-AC
Ford BT43-14B321-AF
Ford BT43-14B321-AG
Ford CN15-14B321-AE
Ford CN15-14B321-AF
Ford CN15-14B321-BE
Ford CN15-14B321-BF
Ford CN15-14B321-CE
Ford CN15-14B321-CF
Ford CT43-14B321-AC
Ford DB5T-14B321-AG
Ford DL34-14B321-AC
Ford DL34-14B321-CA
Ford DR33-14B321-AB
Ford DR33-14B321-AC
Ford DT43-14B321-AC
Ford EB3T-14B321-FF
Ford EB5T-14B321-AA
Ford EB5T-14B321-BA
Ford ED8T-14B321-AD
Ford ED8T-14B321-AE
Ford ED8T-14B321-BD
Ford ED8T-14B321-BE
Ford FL3T-14B321-BD
Ford FR3T-14B321-AF
Ford FR3T-14B321-AJ
Ford GB5T-14B321-AC
Ford GK29-14B321-AC
Ford GR2T-14B321-AD
Ford GR3T-14B321-AA
Ford HB5T-14B321-AA
Land Rover BJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover CK52-14D374-AE
Land Rover DJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AA
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AF
Land Rover DK62-14D374-AG
Land Rover EJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover FH22-14D374-AC
Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AB
Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AC
Land Rover GK62-14D374-AA
Land Rover HY32-14D374-AA
Great Wall 3658110XKU00A 
Great Wall 3658110XKY00A 

4.Picture Update:
Hyundai 95910-F9100
Infineon XC series 100 PIN

5.SPC564B64L8 Chip improves compatibility
6.MB91 software interface update, MB91 series chip read and write stability enhancement
7.CG100-III software stability enhance