New Function Testing For VXDIAG Icloud Diagnosis Service

These days Vxdiag company developed new functions for Vxdiag scanners- Icloud Diagnosis service: it means that you do not need to install the software on the laptop any more in the future, just can use the software on their serve directly.

Now we have sent it to our old customers to testing it, here are the requirments for it:
1. Must use the latest icloud driver: please download it from this link:!esxVxIzb!h3CJbcyNG0u1OE_Tam978pygzfuKktQMrRCDcM9E0H8
2. Must use it on win7 or win10 computer system.

And we have video to teach you how to use it:

If you are interested it, you can also test it, and give us feedback.