JLR Mangoose Update to Latest V145 and Installation Video

All the JLR Mangoose Software update to Latest V145 on our site, if you need it, please contact us to download it.

JLR Mangoose:(SP116, SP205)
VCM2 JLR mangoose: SP177-E SP177-F SP177-FB
JLR 145 DA J2534: SP202

Notice to install V145 JLR Mangoose software:
1.After install the software,need to install patch, and need to activate the patch online(the laptop must connect the network)
2.After activate the patch, must close the network;
3. After you can test the car, you must install DFStd file;
4.There is one day free offline use; If over time, please enter bios to change the computer time when you can use.