5.5inch HUD car head up display review

I travel a lot and frequently driving at night, to look down at the instrument panel on some important driving information (such as fuel consumption, speed and temperature) is very dangerous, especially when driving in a rough road or a tough, I need to stare straight ahead, anything can’t distract me.
Then I need something which can project the instrument panel information onto the windshield right in my ahead. Then one month ago, my friend recommended me to buy one head up display, which can satisfy my need. Then I ordered one from China, it cost me 60USD and 15 days shipping time. So far, I am happy with it. I would like to share more at the following parts.
In the package, it has HUD Interface, OBD2 Interface, reflective film, mat and user manual, I take a picture here.
Its screen is big enough for me; I am told it is 5.5 inch. On the screen, it has driving data and sign; I don’t know some signs, but in the manual, it tells me.
Next is to install, it is easy to install by following the user manual, only 5 steps to follow:
1). Put non-slip mat on the driving dashboard under the front windshield.
2). Put HUD main unit on non-slip mat, adjust angle and position in order to have a best vision.
3). Connect OBD cable with the vehicle OBD16 pin diagnostic socket. Some vehicle OBD connector have cap.
4). Connect HUD main unit, start vehicle engine, then turn on the switch on the right side of HUD main unit, hide the cable in the shadows on the left side of the vehicle door.
5). Adjust driver position to have a best sight, look at the HUD reflection position,clean up the wind with tissue then paste the reflecting film
After finish installing, I can use.