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VW Touareg airbag SRS remain on

This morning I drove my 2004 VW Touareg to the airport. My parents would arrive there one hour later. I was so excited on the road. My car has run about 170,000 km. It was ok.
However, the airbag SRS was on when I started the car. There was something wrong with my car. Luckily, I had a Launch X431 IV. It is a car diagnostic tool. I knew that it can support many car models such as Australian Holden and Ford. But I was not sure it can diagnose the VAG groups. Anyway, I wanted to try. 
I used Launch X431 IV to read the trouble code 00592, which meant that something wrong with the seat belt switch on the right side. I reminded that I replaced a new seat belt in the passenger position in a garage yesterday. So I checked the seat belt buckle. I found that they had different numbers. Maybe, it caused the problem.
 I called a trailer to take my car. In the garage, I told them that I got a trouble code 00592 with Launch X431 IV. After checking, they found that the new seat belt buckle I changed yesterday did not match the old one. So airbag SRS was on. They replaced a new one which had the same type. And the problem was figured out in half an hour. So fast and so great! Launch X431 IV saved the diagnosing time. With this diagnostic tool, I can know clearly the problems of my car. I was so grateful for it!