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VVDI Prog Review (customers feedback)

VVDI Prog programmer review

- read/write Fiat 9s12dg256b mcu without problem
Yesterday i read/write mcu 9s12dg256b from fiat bcm with vvdi Prog WITHOUT Problem
- VVDI Prog secured very well
I work's on opel astra h cim with hc912 mcu,
ford dashboard hc912, and with hc908az60
secured very well.
- 080dowq erasing works perfect
Now I tried 080dowq erasing, and it works perfect.
- R/W ok with CIM Opel Astra H
3L40K - Read ID (0113) ok, Rean EEP (ok) Read Flash (ok)
1L59W- Read ID (0115) ok, Read EEP (NOT) Read Flash (NOT).
Ps. 3L40K - Just that flash is smaller than It should be.
Read-it with smok, and You will understand what I am saying.
- 50/50 chance to Porsche BCM
I have tried to read Porsche BCM with 9S12 5M48H dated 2013 MCU but could not do it because VVDI Prog did not detected chip ID. Always get ID: FFFF
While Porsche BCM with MCU 9S12 2M25J dated 2014 have read without problems
- 209 flash ok
I received the vvdi prog and tested eis 
209 with st12 eeprom flash ok
- vvdi prog read ok with W221
for w221 ism with ST10F269 read by vvdi prog OK with micromax diagram
for write it didn’t erase automatically you have to erase it before, then all OK .
-  ok with D70F3571
vvdi prog 4.5.1 D70F3571 read ok
- no issues with BSI 307 2002
BSI 307 2002 912DG128 - 3K91D
EEP (read and write) - OK
FLASh 4.000Mhz (read and write) -OK --- Orange5 clone (DO NOT write flash)
Identical files Vvdi prog and Orange5, same EEP and FLASH.
Incircuit BSI photo of Orange5.
- vvdiprog + eeprom adapter without issues
works fine with eeprom adapter
does not work with test clip tried to different ones,
maybe i should try other one, if there is any higher quality,
or maybe because of cable length it doesnot work
- good at EZS, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ ...
this programmer can read write EZS, cas2, cas3, cas3+, read other motorolas safe without any problems or damages
- work OK on BMW CAS4 F10 2014
Today tested: CAS4 with Motorola 1N35H mask from F10 2014!
d/p-flash BACKUP - ok
Crack chip security - ok
read/write p/d-flash - ok
Locked - ok
Works without heating the chip. Only removed 4 elements from the board, and after operations resoldered them back.
i have desoldered 4 elements from the board: transistor, capacitator, resistor and cristal/quartz.
- vvdi prog not working?:
- It cannot read hcx05 at all.
- Cannot support read pin code for psa and old chrysler