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Honda Odyssey engine acceleration problem & solution

This Mondy I repaired a 08 Honda Odyssey. The car is equipped with a K24A6 engine, with 85,000 miles on it. When I accelerated, the car engine would vibrate violently and create noises.
Vehicle fault diagnosis:
1.       I used Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool to read trouble codes from the engine, but did not pull any trouble codes.
2.       I Removed the intake hose and inspect the throttle body. During this, I found there was too much carbon deposit inside the throttle body.
3.       Considering the carbon deposit in the throttle, I then checked the spark plugs. As expected, there was colloidal thing inside the spark plugs from two cylinders. The problem was mainly caused by bad quality oil.
4.       I inquired the car owners, who laterly told me he used to added oil at a certain gas station, but last time, the oil was added at another station. Now I could determine that it was the bad oil at that station that contributed to the engine fualt.
5.       I adviced the car owner to throughly clean the oil way and circuit. He took my advices.
6.       I cleaned the throttle with carburetor detergent, put the oil atomizer on a ultrasonic cleaners, and put them back when the clearing was done.
7.       I start up the car when the engine was at idle. The engine could work stably and the car could accelerate normally.
A little suggestion for driver: Electornic-controlled engine requires high quality oil. The use of poor quality oil can easily lead to carbon deposition and impede engine operation. Therefore, car drivers are suggested to use high quality oil.