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Diagnostic Tools for Porsche which is better?

Diagnostic tool for Porsche:
There are several diagnostic tools for porsche,and we need to diagnose a check engine light,an ABS/ESP warning light,or an SRS airbag light,so it confusing which tool need to use to do it.To do DIY Porsche full-system scan & special function, original Foxwell NT510 and Launch Golo M-diag Lite are highly recommended, price less than $150.
Vehicle to work on:
Looking for a Porsche diagnostic maintenance tool which can work on all Porsche models after 1996 year
Function to achieve:
  1. Full system diagnosis i.e reading ECU information, read & clear DTCs, etc.
  2. Do many special functions i.e adaption, coding, reset
Less than $150
Tool to recommend:
Launch Golo M-diag Lite with Porsche software, €66 free shipping
Foxwell NT510, €149.99 
Option 1: Launch Golo M-diag Lite with Porsche software
  1. How to use M-diag Porsche:
Scan M-diag QR code and download M-diag APK on phone (Android or IOS), register user, active the device, it is easy but here official guide:
Click “Vehicle Diagnosis” to download and test “Porsche”. You could click “More” to buy as many vehicles as you like (56 vehicles in total).  
  1. how to update M-diag?
The official site is, but when it detects newest version, the system will prompt you to update (shown as below)
  1. M-diag Porsche test report:
Incl. ECU coverage, model coverage, basic function and special functions

Option 2: Foxwell NT510 Porsche software
  1. How to use Foxwell NT510 Porsche software?
After receive Foxwell NT510, it comes with no Porsche software, you need to download from, guide here (incl. how to add other vehicle brand software, $70 per brand):
Compare to M-diag lite, it needs not to connect to computer, but work alone.
  1. How to update Foxwell NT510 Porsche tool?
18 months free update on after registration.
  1. Foxwell NT510 Porsche function list:
(incl. basic function and lots special functions. 26 pages in total)
Here several pictures show a part of NT510 Porsche special functions