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Car Key Programmer introduction

Car key programmer or otherwise called the auto key programmer is widely used if you need to deal with an emergency situation such as misplace of your original keys. The key programmers can be used in any cars where they can work efficiently without the need for being connected to a PC. This feature can help the technicians to troubleshoot the vehicle easily anywhere and get it back to the functional state.
Different auto key programmer models  

AD90 is a widely used key duplicator, which is custom designed to be compatible with various makes and models of cars. The software used in this auto key can be easily updated directly from the internet. It is also capable of sensing and copying any types of transponder codes. This auto key programmer is composed of highly functional electronic circuits and radio frequency components. It can readily identify any complicated cryptographic codes of different transponders. AD90 is a very functional key programmer which is designed to keep itself up-to-date with any further developments happening in the transponders. This model can be used with the chip decoder system and can effectively recognize and clone Philips, Texas, Temic and Megamos and other front-line transponders.
Another highly functional key programmer is the HITAG-2 tool kit. This advanced device can fit into various brands of cars like Audi, Bentley, Land Rover, Porsche and more. By using this car key programmer tool, you can read the internal memory of the car and easily replicate it. This device is also very simple to use. To make use of it, you just need to clear your immobilizer and put the transponder key on the programmer. This will instantly generate the new key to be used as normal one. It is very quick and accurate and will ensure a hassle-free performance.
There are other specific car key programmer models also like AK90 BMW EWS key programmer and AK300 BMW CAS key maker, AK500 programmer etc., available in the market, which you can purchase at any automobile spare shop or through online stores. Apart from them, some models with car key copier can also be seen on market with which you can easily make a copy of your old key.