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6 tips to reduce flameout in manual transmission cars

It is well-known that compared with vehicles with automatic transmission, manual transmission cars tend to shut off easily because it requires better driving skills. However, by following the 6 tips below, manual transmission car drivers can greatly reduce the chance of flameout.
1.       Improve driving skills. For new drivers, it is common to encounter flameout.
2.       Use high quality and qualified gas. Oil of bad quality often contains impurities, which will block the line and lead to clogged oil filter and oil line.
3.       Clean the complete oil line, including oil nozzle, throttle and oil box. If you have ever used bad quality oil, you had better clean the oil line thoroughly in case of clogged oil line.
4.       The main reason that makes vehicle shuts off during idling is dust in the engine. Where there is too much dirt in the idling engine spool and throttle seat, the engine will work abnormally at idle with low sped and bad performance, and finally contributes to flameout. It is very easy to solve the problem – the only thing you have to do is cleaning the idling engine regularly.
5.       Diagnose your vehicle regularly and troubleshoot any potential electrical problems that may lead to engine flameout. The only thing you need is a cheap OBDII scanner, such as ELM327 scanner for phones.
6.       Take your car out for a ride occasionally. A car will run into lubrication problem or even circuit problem if it has been sitting for a long time. Therefore, drivers are suggested to drive the car occasionally.