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[US/UK Ship] OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 X-300 Key Master with Immobiliser+Odometer Adjustment+EEPROM/PIC+OBDII+Toyota G & H Chip All Keys Lost

[US/UK Ship] OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 X-300 Key Master with Immobiliser+Odometer Adjustment+EEPROM/PIC+OBDII+Toyota G & H Chip All Keys Lost

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X300 PRO3 key master by OBDSTAR Company features with the immobiliser key programming function of SKP900, as well as new function e.g. Odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII.
Its design is fully based on industrial standard, for example, it is designed with bilateral keyboards which make it easy to operate, besides its appearance is processed by special material and reaches to the shockproof level.

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by Mr. Rodrigo Nicolas Gutierrez Riveros on Jul 9, 2019
como puedo actualizar la herramienta, por favor informe.
Replied by karen on Jul 9, 2019
Se actualiza en línea gratis por un año, después de un año, debe pagar el servicio de actualización a $ 130. Por favor, pase su número de serie para comprobar primero.
by Ms.Ole Henrik Liabø on Jun 24, 2019
Hi can this support and change odometer/kilometer on an European Abarth 500/595?
Replied by karen on Jun 24, 2019
Sorry it can't support.
by russlan lixien galeno on May 16, 2019
cual es el precio de el adaptador rfid para x300pro3
Replied by karen on May 17, 2019
El adaptador RFID OBDSTAR no tiene stock ahora, y el sustituto es el programador P001, pero no puede funcionar junto con X300 Pro3. Por favor note.
by Mr.Pa Tsaka on Jan 24, 2019
Can this tool support Toyota G chip all keys lost Europ? Thanks in advance?
Replied by karen on Jan 24, 2019
Yes it can support.
by Mr.Godwin anderson on Jan 9, 2019
can x300 pro3 it program ford focus 2013 ec
Replied by karen on Jan 9, 2019
Can you advise region for this car first please, then we can confirm for you.
by Mr.Co Peter on Dec 20, 2018
For the key pro 3 how can i obtain the same key update with X 300dp?
Replied by karen on Dec 20, 2018
Kindly note X300 DP can cover more cars compared to X300 Pro3, there is no way to update exactly same as X300 DP.
by Mr.Pa Tsaka on Dec 19, 2018
Does it support Audi A1 2012 key programming with RFID adapter reader?
Replied by karen on Dec 19, 2018
Sorry OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 can't support your car.
by Mr.Paul Pa on Dec 5, 2018
1)Can this tool support Fiat Id 48 precoding like Vw?
2) As concern key programming vehicle list what is the difference from x300 Dp. Its the same?
Thanks in advance
Replied by karen on Dec 5, 2018
1. X300 Pro3 doesn't have precoding function, only X300 D/X300 DP Plus can support
2. X300 DP/X300 DP Plus can cover more cars in key programming function.
by Mr.Carlos Javier on Nov 22, 2018
Does It work in the cars:
Nissan altima and máxima 2013 - 2018
Chrysler 200 2015 -
Toyota Corolla, camry 2010 - 2018
Hyundai sonata, elantra 2013 - 2017

Replied by karen on Nov 22, 2018
Chrysler 200 2015 -  supported
Nissan altima and máxima  support to year 2014 only
Toyota Corolla, camry & Hyundai sonata, elantra, tell us area of the cars first.
by Mr.Chara on Oct 23, 2018
Sorry. Does this tool support key programming for Mitsubishi Colt 2012? Thanks in advance.
Replied by karen on Oct 23, 2018
Sorry X300 PRO3 can't support it either.
by Mr.Paulxara on Aug 6, 2018
Does Item No. USHKSK196 cover OBDSTAR H111 Opel key programmer funktions?
Replied by karen on Aug 6, 2018
No, it can't cover.
by Mr.Travis on Jul 17, 2018
I cannot register my unit. I fill in all of the fields and it says sn unregistered product sales. Help please
Replied by karen on Jul 17, 2018
Sorry about the inconvenience for you, please pass serial number of your X300 Pro3 for checking first.
by Mr.Pavlos on Jun 29, 2018
Hallo there. Does X300 pro 3 have the same pin code funktion with OBDSTAR F108+ PSA Pin Code Reading and Key Programming Tool? I mean pin code reading for old cars as well new cars? As F 108+? Thanks in advance.
Replied by Lynn on Jul 1, 2018
yes,OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 now covers all functions of OBDSTAR F108+
by Mr. jang dong , hun on Jun 20, 2018
Benz Mercedes
Cluster Calibrate for w222 w205 with blocker
I'd like to know if I can change the km with a canfier.

I would like to know the year's worth of food.
Replied by karen on Jun 20, 2018
Please use Digimaster3 with Can Filter.
by Yash kalra on Feb 16, 2018
Can work with rfid adapter for vw 4 & 5 gen. Key programming ?
Replied by karen on Feb 23, 2018
Yes X300 PRO3 can work with the rfid adapter too.
by Pavlos on Dec 9, 2017
Hi. Can this tool program key for Vw Passat 2015 kessy? I know for immo 4 immo5 need to use obdtstar RFID adapter to do it.But support this model? Thanks in advance.
Replied by karen on Dec 10, 2017
Sorry X300 Pro3 can't work on your car, better you can try VVDI2.
by Mr. Alfonso Fisher on Nov 19, 2017
Hi, this tool can do odometer correction on MG6 2012?
Replied by karen on Nov 19, 2017
Sorry it can't support.
by Mr.Pavlos on Sep 18, 2017
My question was if generally x300 Dp standard and foul version share the same key version with x300 pro 3 standard version. Not only for German cars. Which is still my question, as you have not answered. As for the adapter is Item No. HKSK218. Can I do with x300 pro3 and Item No. HKSK218 together, immo 4 and immo 5 key programming? Thanks in advance
Replied by Joanna on Sep 18, 2017
Hi friend,

X300DP and X300 pro 3 with different function, if only for key programing, could try X300 pro 3, can save much cost, and about supported cars, could check our website attached file.

And for HKSK218, yes, it can work with X300 pro 3 together, hope it is clearly for you.

If still have any question, feel free to let me know, thanks.

Best regards,

by Mr.Pavlos on Aug 21, 2017
Does x 300 pro 3 share the same KEY function with x 300 Dp standard and foul version? Have the same KEY update? Can I do Vw group immo 4 and immo 5 together with Obdsrar RFID adapter and x 300 pro 3? Thanks in advance
Replied by Joanna on Aug 21, 2017
Hi friend,

For Germany cars, the key programing function for them are the same, and for the adapter, you mean which one? thanks.

Best regards,

by charlie on Jun 9, 2017
The obdstar X300 Pro, is a very nicely put together unit, ergonomically designed, tough/rugged looks like it can take a drop and just be fine thanks to the impact absorbing rubber on all 4 corners. However, it lack in performance, for the most part it does fine with 2006-2014 GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru and Land Rover. There are many other automobile brands obdstart claims to supports, however, our hands-on experience was only with brands listed above. Now our experience with Dodge / Chrysler using the obdstar X300 pro. Unable to pull pin-code, or program; PT Cruizer 06 and 07 faile to connect. Charger 07, failed to connect / security code denied. Ram 13 and 15, failed to connect / security code denied. NOTE, unit was up-dated with the lattes releases for Dodge / Chrysler. All rev's were used and all 3 failed, all different countries were used, all failed. all can's were used, all failed. All messages were applied; turn ignition off & turn flashers on, turn ignition on. Absolutely no positive results with any of the Dodge / Chrysler products.
Replied by Joanna on Jun 12, 2017
Hi friend,

For Dodge/Chrysler etc models, which you mean cannot pull pin-code, please kindly send us the exact models and year, will help you check with factory soon, thanks.

Best regards,

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