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V9.0.2 Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Support Multi-Languages

V9.0.2 Handy Baby Hand-held Car Key Copy Auto Key Programmer for 4D/46/48 Chips Support Multi-Languages

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  • Item No. SK166
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Specially for 4D/46/48 Chips copy
Hand-held device, easy for operation, replacement for 468 KEY PRO III

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by Mr.Mario on Dec 4, 2017
Buongiorno ma si può avere in lingua italiitaliano
Replied by karen on Dec 4, 2017
Spiacente, non ha la lingua italiana.
by lixian jiang on Aug 17, 2017
The g key funtiom include toyota g key or not
Replied by Joanna on Aug 17, 2017
Hi friend,

Yes, include toyota g chip copier, thanks.

Best regards,

by Mr.jose martinez on Aug 16, 2017
hola soy de argentina quiero saber si puedo comprar el handy baby sin problemas desde argentina ?? por correo privado llega a mi casa ? y si este handy baby viene con el modulo g para poder copiar toyota ?? gracias
Replied by Joanna on Aug 16, 2017
Hi friend,

For Argentina, we usually ship through EMS, you can order directly on our website, then can help you arrange shipping soon.

And for the chips, this device specially for 4D/46/48 Chips copy, hope can get your kindly notice, thanks.

Best regards,

by Mr. Sung Jong Jeong on Apr 13, 2017
Order Serial Number: U2170411364274
traking namber?
send e-mail
Replied by karen on Apr 13, 2017
Hello Mr.Sung,

DHL tracking number of your order is 5288890585, please refer to to trace it.

Best regards

by WEZA on Aug 16, 2016
handy baby web site is rubbish
Replied by karen on Aug 16, 2016
Hello Friend,

Did you meet any problem when you update online on handy baby official website please? Kindly feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Best regards

by Mr.Zeljko Beljo on Mar 18, 2016
hello, I bought this product from you, I made about 10 keys with 46 transponder but only few of them works.
Opel Astra H 2007 year, 46 chip on electronic board, pcf 7941, when I make new key, the key starts car 5 times then 3 times not, 2 times start then not again.. original key works fine.

Citroen C2 2004year, carbon chip 46, works well for 1 month and later wont start at all, original keys works fine

peugeot 3007, 2011 year, 46 chip on electronic board, works 5 times and later dont work at all.. original key works fine

what to do ? is it bad device or bad chips ?
I tried with few chips on that cars, and it is all the same with another chip..

4D chips wont work at all, it says that key copy is success but it wont start car, I tried it on 7 different vechiles wit 4D chip and wont start any of them.
Replied #1. by Cindy on Mar 18, 2016

I gave this feedback to the factory,they asked you to take a clear picture of the chip.
Please send the picture by email to

Best regards

Replied #2. by Cindy on Mar 18, 2016

Take a clear photo of both 46chip and 4d chip,both the front side and back side

Best regards

by Weza on Feb 7, 2016
Please order the correct chips for this tool. Jmd6 and jmd8 from handy baby cbay
Replied by Cindy on Feb 14, 2016

The chip for this one is SA1277,SA1492,SA1493,you can check on our website

Best regards

by Mr.Zeljko Beljo on Jul 14, 2015
Hello, I bought from you C-bay Order Serial Number: U2150630221718
in e-mail you write to me to update my cbay as soon it arrive to me
the link that you give me for update is on Chinese, and I cant find it on english
do you have update program on english ?
Thank you
by FRHNB on Jul 3, 2015
It is like impossible to download new software from cbay and id46 still does not copy....... need better instruction and in english.....
Replied by Allison on Jul 5, 2015

Dear friend:

Could you give me your order number ? I have to check information firstly.

Best regards

by Mr.Krittanu Chinnakarn on Jun 30, 2015
CBAY can this tool copy HONDA Car id46 City and CRV Model or not?
last time i have same tool name " Handy Baby" ( English language alone) can't read original key HONDA CRV and HONDA City Model (PCB chip on board). I am looking to buy a new one. That test can read HONDA CRV and HONDA City Model work well.
Replied by Allison on Jun 30, 2015

Dear friend:

You can check this link, you can check it whether you want:

Best regards

by WES on Jun 15, 2015
the item Item No. SA1492 does not work on this cbay tool. but does on tm100 cloner i tested
Replied by Allison on Jun 15, 2015
Dear friend:
Thanks for your supporting for UOBD2, 
We will try our best to offer you better product and service.

Best regards,
by westley oosthuizen on May 26, 2015
Can I use any id48 chip to copy like SA1277.
I don't have so I need id48 chip
Replied by Joyce on May 26, 2015
hi, dear friend

You can have a try

Best regards
by westley oosthuizen on May 26, 2015
What 48 chips to use for copy with sk166
Replied by Joyce on May 26, 2015
Hello, dear friend

Good day
Here is the steps to copy 48 chips
Turn on: long press the "On" button. 
Turn off: long press the "On / off" button or "On / off" and "OK" button
Steps to operate: follow the tips on the screen, put the original key into the coil, press "OK" to recognize.
Press "OK" to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.

Thanks for your support of uobd2
by WES on May 13, 2015
can this tool copy honda motorcycle id46 transpond
by Smith Lonarano on Apr 6, 2015
Do you have Spanish language of this tool? i want to have it
Replied by Joyce on Apr 6, 2015
Hello, dear friend

This new coming key programmer only support English and Chinese, no Spanish

Thanks for your support of uobd2
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