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Tachosoft Mileage Calculator V21.5

Tachosoft Mileage Calculator V21.5

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Tachosoft Mileage Calculator V21.5 is one of the world largest digital odometer calculators. It covers more than 2187 vehicle models,easy to use for both beginner and professional.

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by Mr.sarjan on Oct 30, 2016
The newest car have use mcu fujitsu like type:MB91F060, MB91F061, MB91F062, ETC. These microcontroller you can find in latest 2015+denso instrument cluster : Honda Jazz, Honda HRV,
Toyota Inova, Toyota Fortuner, ETC. if you have it, i will put the order.
If you need the datas, i will send you.
Thank You.
Replied by karen on Oct 30, 2016

We have the support list on our website, you can check and confirm if it's what you want

Best regards

by Mr.Tommy Nitsch on Jul 26, 2015
Replied by Jane on Jul 26, 2015
Dear friend
Thanks for your visit. 
Is there anything I can help u?we'll resolve with u soon.
Best regards,
by Mr.Lukic Dragan on Mar 28, 2014
I have pay 1 package tachosoft mileage calculator V21.5. How long is the time your delivery?
Thank you very much for your answer! Goodbye!
Replied by Betsy on Mar 28, 2014
Hello Dear :

Thanks for your order .
We will arrange asap .
Any questions,feel free to contact us 

by Mr.Dobri Ovcharov on Oct 28, 2013
Hello, what cars it.
Okay for Fiat Ducato, Citroen jumper, Peugeot Boxer from 2006 upwards.
Replied by Kelly on Oct 28, 2013
Hi friend 

Good day!

There is a car list for you ono urwbsite please download it and check ,thank you!


by Mr.lee on May 4, 2013
Hello! can you Send to Taiwan?
thank you.
Replied by karen on May 7, 2013
Dear friend ,

Yes ,we can send parcels to Taiwan .

Best regards & thanks

by Mr.Alvin on Oct 10, 2012
Hi, you offer tachosoft mileage calculator v21.5 without USB in the package, I'm just wondering why the other supplier offers tachosoft calculator with USB in the package. Does it mean that if you don't have the USB in the package tachosoft calculator will not work? Hoping for your soonest reply.
Replied by sunny on Oct 10, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

You can just use this softare without USB,the new softare no nee USB dongle.

Thank you and best regards
by Mr.Alvin on Sep 29, 2012
Hi! Under your manufacturer specification, it says that "There is no USB Key in the package, please pay attention." Does it mean that we need to use USB Key with tachosoft mileage calculator to make it work properly?

Replied by sunny on Oct 5, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

This software doesn't need the usb key right now ,you can use it properly.

Thank you and best regards
by Mr.Alvin on Sep 22, 2012
aside from Tachosoft Mileage Calculator V21.5, what else do i need to correct the mileage? Do I have to buy adapter or interface or software? Please give me some tips, thank you in advance.
Replied by sunny on Sep 23, 2012
Hello,dear friend,

You should buy a tool , tacho ,

Thank you and best regards
by Mr.tb on Jul 11, 2012
How does this product work? and how accurate is it?
Replied by sunny on Jul 11, 2012
Hello,dear friend:

Absolutely ,this software will work , I know know how accurate is it.
Until today, no one cusomer came to give us the bad feedback.

by Mr.rakiep on May 20, 2012
Hi,can you please tell me how to use this software.Do i remove the instrument cluster from the dashboard and remove the chip and insert it into a programmer and program it with this software?And what programmer do i use?
by Mr.Mike Mc Carthy on Apr 14, 2012
Hello - what programmer do you recommend to use with Tachosoft Mileage Calculator V21.5
by mohit on Feb 8, 2012
Tachosoft`s Mileage Calculator V21.5
by mohit on Feb 8, 2012
Tachosoft`s Mileage Calculator V21.5
by Mr.bunsom on Jan 5, 2012
ราคานี้มีอเดปเตอร์สำหรับใช้งานด้วยหรือไม่ครับ หากไม่มีขอราคาสายอินเตอร์เฟตและอเดปเตอร์สำหรับใช้งานให้ด้วยครับราคารวมทั้งค่าจัดส่งด้วยนะครับ อยู่ laos ขอบคุณครับ
Replied by Juliana on Jan 5, 2012
Dear friend
It is just a calculate software, do not have interface with it.It is free shipping item to everywhere by simple airmail, if you need ship by dhl, need add 20usd dhl fee, item price you can check on oru website.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.Vannini emanuele on Nov 3, 2011
Food morning your product works OBd? I dit Not disAssemble anytHing?
Replied by Juliana on Nov 3, 2011
Dear friend
It is just a calculator,not a device,no OBD Cable.It is for you use your dahsboard chip eeprom data and load it to this calculator, and get the new data to write back to your dashboard.Not a device.
Thank you and best regards!
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