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Original Autel MaxiDas DS708 Auto Diagnostic Tool Wifi Scanner Update Online Free Shipping

Original Autel MaxiDas DS708 Auto Diagnostic Tool Wifi Scanner Update Online Free Shipping

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Autel MaxiDAS DS708 is ingeniously designed to recreate the functionality of the tools used by automotive manufacturers’ dealers, empowering independent garage shops to provide complete servicing in their own shops. Autel MaxiDAS® DS708 works on Asian, European and American cars with multi-language.

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by Mr.RUD KOOLE on Dec 5, 2011
Can i to setup engine managemant with this DS708 ?? For exampel to adjust my electronic control unit if i instal tunigchip for more horsepower or to convert my electronic control from US setting to europen setting (import cars from usa to germany) like turn signal, from miles to km/h, language etc.

Replied by Angela on Dec 5, 2011
 Hi dear friend

How are you?

Sorry , you can do like this.

Thank you and best regards

by Wesley on Dec 5, 2011
Could you tell me the phone some of its customers in Brazil?
Replied by Angela on Dec 5, 2011
 Hi dear friend

How are you?

We can not give you anything about our customer information, it is their private information.

Thank you and best regards

by Wesley on Dec 2, 2011
how much it costs to Brazil
what form of payment?
sold for you in Brazil?
Replied by jessica on Dec 2, 2011
dear friend,

how are you?

since this device is 8.5KG, the shipping cost is 130USD by DHL.
we just accept paypal, western union and bank transfer!

we have many clients in Brazil, they ever bought this product!



by khanh on Dec 1, 2011
Hi, the specification of this tool mentioned it cover all 9 mode scan. I have toyota prius classic 2002, and generation 2 (2004). Is it capable taking to the Hybrid battery ECUs, collect data, report them? Does it read the Hybrid battery data such as voltage , blocks, current, temperature, etc
For example;

Can you send me a copy or link to the user's manual of this scan tool. Thanks Khanh
Replied by Juliana on Dec 2, 2011
Dear friend
It can read data stream, can read honda and toyota.User manual tomorrow i go to office give you.
Thank you and best regards!
by Wesley on Dec 1, 2011
você vende para o Brasil?
poderia mi fornecer o telefone de algum comprador seu?
Replied by Juliana on Dec 2, 2011
Dear friend
We sell to brazil. my phone number you can find out from contact us.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.Ronald Weaver on Nov 23, 2011
I am wanting more information about the Maxi DA DS 708. I run a small repair shop in NC USA. I want more information about the european coverage. I want more ability in BMW,Mercedes,and Volvo. I want more than a code reader.I have that. I want oem style coverage and functions.I need adaptions. I need to be able to read body codes,and be able to get oem code understanding.
Replied by Juliana on Nov 23, 2011
Dear friend
It also do Asia and USA car, but USA only three car model, Chrysler, ford and gm.

It is more than a code reader,is a powerful diagnostic tool.
Thank you and best regards!
by Mr.Tun Htaik on Nov 23, 2011
Hi,I'm mac. I'm from Thailand. I want to know this product is a diagnostic tool scanner or scope. Another question is, can i use this diagnostic tool in Aston martin?
Replied by jessica on Nov 23, 2011

hello, dear Mac,

this is a diagnistic tool, it can diagnose and support many kinds of European cars, maybe it can support your car!
it is a powerful device!



by Mr.acknouche on Nov 18, 2011
buy maxidas ds708
Replied by angela on Nov 18, 2011
 Hi dear friend

How are you?

You can place an order on our website, then we will ship to you.

Thank you and best regards


by Mr.JD on Nov 11, 2011
This looks like a promising scanner, and I was just curious a little more about the coding/programming portion of the scanner. Do you need to use some sort of diagnostic head that piggybacks with the scanner in order to fully code or program a new module?

Replied by Juliana on Nov 14, 2011
Dear friend

I am afraid it can not do coding,it is only do diagnose.It has lots of adaptor which used on different car model.
Thank you and best regards!
by Ms.YUKI on Oct 27, 2011
Replied by Juliana on Oct 27, 2011
by Mr.Kevin on Oct 19, 2011
Hi there. What I am concerned is whether this item can read ABS or not.
what the package includes and can you give me the exact carlist which it can work on?
Replied by yangting on Oct 20, 2011
Hello dear Mr.Kevin:

DS708 can read ABS, however if depends on what cars you are dealing with, so if you can tell me the model of your car, then i can let you know wether it can do it or not,

You can check the car list on our website, there is a screen shot to show you the car list,

also, the pictures shows the real details of our DS708, so ,anything you can see from the picture will be included in the package,

any other problems, hope you will feel free to let me know,

sincrely yours Eimy
by Mr.FRANCISCO ACEVES on Sep 28, 2011
i´m interessting in your Autel MaxiDAS® DS70 , is your product the same that it´s in this page?, , or if is not tell me the diferences about them,i need the latin version, and the total cost of it in CP 08500 Mexico, D.F. thanks
Replied by angela on Sep 28, 2011

Hi dear friend

How are you?

DS708 is original on our website, i don't know if we are the same, i just know our products.

The unit price is 1299USD, the shipping cost is 150USD, so the total cost should be 1449USD by dhl, delivery needs 3-5 days.

Thank you and best regards


by Mr.Basov Ilya on Sep 11, 2011
Hello my name is Ilya, i am from Russia. On my mind the Maxidas DS708 is very good devise, but i have questions :
1. Price of updating after three years
2. What the difference among originai and not original tool
3. Can it do russian cars (vaz, gaz) which have OBD2 sistem
Replied by yangting on Sep 13, 2011
Hello dear Mr.Basov Ilya :

Thanks for your interest in our website, this tool has powerfull functions as well as high quality,

1. this tool is original, so if it is out of 3 years garantee, you can find the updating service at the official website. they will offer the price at that time,

 2. As i have said upwards, it is original, not copy version,

3. whether this tool can do russian cars has not been tested, however you can have a try, and tell us the result, that will be a reference to the other customers.

thanks and best regards,

sincerely yours Eimy 
by Mr.steinar haland on Aug 23, 2011
Can the input power be 230 volt?
Replied by angela on Aug 23, 2011
Hi dear Mr Steinar

How are you?

Input Voltage: 8.0-32.0V power provided via vehicle battery. It has shown on our website. Can you tell me if your car has 230V for the voltage?

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.rachid on Aug 18, 2011
bonjour est ce qui la la langue francise merci
Replied by angela on Aug 18, 2011
Hi dear Mr Rachid

How are you?

It is just English, if you want other languages, you can choose x431 series, or autocom cdp pro on our website.

Thank you and best regards

by Mr.gabriel on Jul 27, 2011
jag önskar mer info om diagnos fel sökning för alla bilar och pris lista
by cl int on Jul 21, 2011
Das the Maxidas DS708 support Dutch language?
Can you rewrite the ECU?
Replied by cookie on Jul 21, 2011
Hi dear friend,
I`m sorry DS708 only has english,and it can do ecu programming.
Thanks and best regards
by Mr.Vyacheslav Alekseenko on Jul 1, 2011
As there is an update of the software of the device. Whether update of your device through Wi-Fi is possible.

by Mr.phourin on May 21, 2011
it a good aftermarket diagnostic tool for starting your business
by Mr.lassine bamba on Apr 2, 2011
bonjr cher monsur!
Je voudrais savoir si cet article peut etre configur'e en francais.
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