SR22 CG100-AIRBAG V2.686 Software Updated As Free On 2015.9.10

CG100-AIRBAG  V2.686 software updated as free on 2015.9.10

1.increasing 6 type of RENESAS SRS computer repair
2.increasing  the Peugeot NEC SRS computer repair
3.increasing  MT80 MT60 engine computer repair through CAN bus maintenance reset, exclusively support!!!!!!
4.increasing the NEC V850 series, can read and write audi BCM and gm cars BCM
5.fixed the problem of tuning MCU table 2.684 software, (problem have been solved that it can be adjusted before car raised under 2.684 in the old software version  as customer reflected)
6.repairing software problem   that 2.684  reading and writing parts 9 s12cpu problem, not prompt communication failure (software)
7.CG100 software will increase ST10F series repairable BOSSH computer, power amplifier, ABS, DDME in the next version.
8.9 fixed speed 12 mileage will be calculated automatically,
9.Support NEC V850 series 32 bit CPU data reading and programming, support chip type as shown in the following;

Support and Citroen Elysee new signs of a new model airbag computer repair;
Support the Audi A4 / A5 / Q5 - body computer BCM2 (NEC CPU). The fiat 500, ford KA, opel ksetra-ksetrajna body such as computer data reading and writing;